Sunday, August 23, 2015


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I don't think I mentioned it yesterday, but I put pinto beans on to soak yesterday morning for today's dinner. This morning I woke up and washed the few dishes in the sink and then put the pinto beans on to cook in my pressure cooker. I'm not sure what I am going to make for dinner yet. There is still some Taco Style Lentils and Rice from yesterday and we could just eat that. Either way the beans will get eaten soon.  :)

Bread & Muffin Mix

Last week I was looking up recipes for applesauce since I had one can that I wanted to use up, and came across the Homemade Crisco Quick Bread Mix. I chose this mix because I had all the ingredients on hand, so I made a batch this morning and then made the Nutty Applesauce Bread and Cinnamon Sugar Muffins out of the mix. 

The mix makes twelve cups and I used five today, so I still have seven cups to use. I labeled it and put in the freezer for another day. There are several recipes listed to use with the mix. The muffins will be for breakfast this morning either with butter or jelly, and for drinks there is a variety of juices, tea, and milk or water. 

Homemade Soft Scrub

Another thing I did in the kitchen today was mix up some more homemade soft scrub. I used up the container of Comet I had in the bathroom last week, so I wanted to make some more. I have a large bottle of Ajax stored in a glass jar under my kitchen sink, and I mixed some of it with a small bottle of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap.  I stored it in a repurposed lunch meat container. The shampoo and soap residue builds up fast in our shower, so I use this in there everyday to clean the shower floor as I have a fear of falling in there.


One of the errands we did yesterday was to get my daughter a haircut since she has senior pictures on Monday. I used a coupon from Great Clips, which we received through the mail. Total cost was $6.99, which is a $6.01 savings over the regular $13 price.  

The Week Ahead

I will be working four days again this week. All the laundry is caught up and I have my clothes laid out for the week. My sub bag is already in the car ready to go first thing in the morning. Pre-planning helps my work week to run smoother.

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  1. Wow! you've been a busy lady! agree the planning ahead makes things run so much smoother.

  2. Thanks for link to the Crisco site. Your stored baking will come in handy with 4 days to sub this week.


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