Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Saving on Food ~ Buying in Bulk

I'm sad to report that my local Walmart is no longer carrying the 2 quart jar of Mt. Olive pickle relish that I blogged about here in May of 2011. I've looked around and couldn't find this product anywhere for sale near me and I even checked the Mt. Olive website, but no stores are selling this here. 

Fortunately for me, I have found another source for cheap pickle relish at Sam's Club. Now, because it is located in Chattanooga, we only go there a few times a year since we live 50 miles from there. But, this jar is big enough that it will last until we make our next trip in a few months. 

This is a photo of the one gallon jar of pickle relish, which I bought for $5.22, and is an even better deal than my previous source.  My previous source would have been $6.72 for a gallon, so a savings of $1.50 over my previous best price.

Now, you may be wondering about my Sam's club membership and the yearly cost of the $45 membership. The savings that I earn on medications, which I blogged about here, more than pays for the membership to Sam's each year. In fact, this month when I paid my membership fees they also gave me a $10 gift card, which I will apply to my next visit. 

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  1. At least you found a substitute that you like! And far less expensive than buying tiny jars, one at a time! Do you ever make relish? I know that you can a great deal. I make sweet and dill relish with some of our green tomatoes at the end of the season. I have a friend who makes zucchini sweet relish.

    The food that I'm looking for a good deal on these days is mayonnaise. I refuse to spend $3 a jar. For the time being, we're using homemade Greek-style yogurt instead of mayo. It's okay, but I'll be glad when I can find a deal on mayo again.

    1. Hi Lili,

      I've not made any relish because we can't grow cucumbers that taste good very well here. They all taste like dirt, but I've not given up yet. I've read and reread the recipes for sweet pickle relish and have it on my to do list someday. It definitely looks easy enough to do. I've read the ones with the zucchini in them too. Definitely something I will be doing someday even if I have to buy the produce. :)

      Can you believe the price of mayonnaise? Ugh. I can remember when it was 99¢ for the everyday price. I did luck out a couple of weeks ago and scored two from Publix on a B1G1F sale, so I paid about $1.50 for Hellman's, which is a good price for me. The deals are far and few between though. :(

  2. I have been using Greek yogurt, too.

    Belinda, like you I find that my Sam's membership pays for itself long term.

    Belinda will you email me. I have two vegan cookbooks I'd like to send you if you want them. my email schilcoat -- at --


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