Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saving Money on Cat Food

We have four cats here at the Frugal Workshop, and we spend approximately $25 per month on cat food.  We always purchase Purina Cat Chow because it is one of the cat foods made in the United States and not one of those made in China, which could cause harm to our cats. We normally pay $12.79 plus tax for the 16 pound bag of cat food and our four cats go through two bags of this each month.  

In our effort to try and save money on this expense, we looked into the Petco Pals Reward program at our local Petco. If a person is willing to utilize these rewards programs they can usually save a little bit of money and as we all know these small savings add up over time. 

 The price of the 16 pound Purina Cat Chow at Petco is $14.49, but with the Pals Reward card, which can be printed online, Petco took $3.00 off the price of the bag and also gives us 5% off of our purchases there. After you spend $100 at Petco, they send you a gift card for $5.00 off to use in their store. So we ended up paying $11.49 for this bag, which is $1.30 less that we would normally pay for the same bag at Walmart. 

When you first join the program, Petco allows members to receive a free can of Friskies or Fancy Feast cat food as a promotion. Here is our free can, which we paid 6¢ for sales tax.

Another way I have found to save money on cat food is the Purina Cat Chow rewards program, which can be located here: Purina My Perks.  The way this program works is you collect points through various activities, such as logging in every day and entering the UPC codes off your Purina cat food bags. Each UPC code is worth 3,000 points and for 30,000 points, or 10 bags, they will send you a coupon for a free bag of cat food. So, if my cats eat 2 bags of cat food a month, in 5 months, they will earn a free bag of cat food, so that is another savings there. 

Someone COULD argue that we would save the most money by not having any animals at all, but our furry friends bring a lot of joy, fun, and companionship to our lives, so they are worth it to me. And like most other things in our lives, we look for ways to save on this expense. 

Do you have any pets at your house? Have you found ways to save money on feeding them? I would love to hear about the ways you save money on pet food in the comment section. 

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  1. We have 2 rescue cats,that we adopted from a no kill shelter when they were kittens. Fast forward, and the male has had urinary track issues and is on an expensive, dry cereal from the Vet. Knock on wood, he has been fine since we did this. The female, however, is fed Aldi's cereal-large bag @ approx. $10/bag. We use scoopable litter, currently WM brand.


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