Monday, January 6, 2014

The Cost of Milk

Walmart is now selling a four pound box of dried milk for $18.98. 

A four pound box of dried milk will make 5 gallons of milk, which works out to $3.80 per gallon. 

Our local Fresh & Low, who changed their name from Super Saver, is currently selling a gallon of milk for $3.46.

What are milk prices by you right now?

Blogger News

I've noticed when commenting on some of my favorite blogs that some of the captchas have switched over to numbers only, which makes it so much easier (for me) to post comments. 

Also, I had a reader want to post to my blog, but was concerned about keeping her identity private, so I switched my blog to accept anonymous comments. The spam that I received was unbelievable, so I've had to switch back to not accepting anonymous comments at this time, but will be looking for a solution to that problem.

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  1. Dry milk is a really great pantry staple, for emergencies, or for folks who don't use much milk. I'm looking for some for one daughter who wants to add some dry milk to her morning shake, for extra protein and calories.

    Here, we have really great deals on milk when close to the sell-by date. On the 3rd of Jan. I found gallons of whole milk for $1.89, and 2% for $1.79. The sell-by date is the 11th. In our fridge (kept at 38 F), milk stays fresh-tasting for about a week after the sell-by date. So, I did my figuring based on how much we could use up before the 18th, plus a couple for freezing. (I had room for 2 gallons in the freezer.)

    I use the whole milk for making yogurt, and my family drinks the 2%. We don't always get to be picky about the milk, sometimes what I find on markdown is skim or fortified milk, our least favorite.

    If I have to pay a regular price, a drug store nearby sells gallons for $2.59 each. I think western Washington has a lot of dairy farms, making our milk a little cheaper, maybe?

    1. The dry milk is good to have on hand, Lili. Especially when you accidentally run out of milk. lol

      We just don't have good milk sales here. My sister, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, can buy it for $1.99 just a block from her house. I was shocked when I saw it priced at $3.46 here this weekend. And we have plenty of dairy farms here, so I don't know why we have the high prices on milk here.

      We usually drink skim milk, but I did see a $1.00 off coupon on a gallon of 2% milk that was dated Jan. 7th this weekend. I would have picked it up if I didn't already have 2 gallons on hand. My family would drink it, but mostly they use it for cereal.

  2. Belinda,
    I pay $1.99 or close to it at Aldi's. Local grocery stores: $3.49 and up for milk. It's cheaper at the gas station @ $2.99 if I am desperate. I do keep boxes (aeseptic cartons) of milk for emergency, it's much more tastey than reconstituted dried milk, which I do use in baking/cooking. I was paying the equivalent of $2.48/gallon for a 5 gallon box of powdered milk at Shoprite. Fluid milk @ Aldi is now cheaper. I also use powdered milk in bread making.

    1. That's two things I am going to have to check out at Aldi. Carol. I hardly ever shop around for milk, but it looks like I am going to have to start. The problem is that where we shop is a good 20 miles from the house, so I stop at the place which is 5 minutes from the house. Even if I have shopped in town, I will stop at the closest place for milk to make sure it stays cold, but I am going to start shopping around now. Update at 10 p.m. lol


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