Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Saving Money on Gas Prices

What do you do to save on gasoline for your car or truck?

There are several things that I do that help me to save on gas prices. One way I save money is to use the Bi-Lo Fuel Perks program, which I wrote about here

I've also used the Shop Your Way rewards program from Kmart, which I wrote about here.

Today in my effort to save money I checked the website and see that I can purchase gasoline for $3.04 per gallon. 

Here are other articles I've written about saving on gas:

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  1. Hi Belinda,
    We collect reward points at a couple of grocery stores in the area. And some of the stores combine their points with other stores, so I can shop at QFC or Fred Meyer (2 local chains), and combine the 2 stores' rewards. When we have enough for 10 or 20 cents per gallon, we wait until the primary car is almost empty, and we bring 3 large gas cans in the trunk to fill the secondary car's tank. We buy the maximum gallons allowed on the reward this way.

    When we don't have a reward to use for the month, we use to find the lowest price in our area. And even when we get our gas without a reward, we bring gas cans with us, so that we only have to drive one of our two cars to get the tanks filled.

    Every last little savings helps. It amazes me that within a 5-mile radius, gas can vary about 20 cents/gallon at even the cheapest locations.

    1. Lili, I never thought to bring a gas can and buy the extra gas. My car only holds 12 gallons and I can buy up to 20 for the reward price. What a great idea, thank you! I am definitely going to do that the next time I have fuel perks to use. And you're right, every last savings helps. :)

  2. Gas price nowadays are really a big deal. It could go from cheap to quite expensive in just a matter of days. People should be wise when it comes to choosing the right fuel for their vehicles, as well as using them efficiently. Anyway, I like what you wrote about the Bi-Lo Fuel Perks Program – it could be very handy later on. Thanks for sharing this. All the best!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company


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