Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suave Shampoo

One of the ways that I save money when I shop is by looking for items marked with the BONUS sign. For example, the other day I noticed we were running low on shampoo, and since there have not been any good sales here lately, I decided to buy my old standby: the 22.5 ounce bottle of Suave at Walmart for $1.38. When I went to buy the shampoo I noticed right away that some of the bottles were 33% more BONUS bottles, which meant I was getting 30 ounces of shampoo for the regular price of $1.38. This was only on a selected variety of the shampoo, which doesn't matter to me, so I bought 10 bottles, which is enough to last us for a long while, and still left some of the shelf for the next person.  The BONUS bottles give me more shampoo for the same amount of money, which is a great bargain and in my case it's like getting three bottles for free.


  1. yep, a good tip I also use. WTG! With 4 teens, we can go through some serious shampoo. Luckily, Summer is easier as the 3 boys have crew cuts!

  2. Yes! My daughter became a teen last year, and I'm shocked at how fast we go through shampoo now. I can see buying it by the gallon, lol. ;)

  3. Oh yes and have you noticed many of the cheaspie shampoos have water as first ingredient. I love it when my kids buy me shampoo/conditioner as a birthday/Mother's Day gift because I won't buy the 'good stuff.'

  4. I would love shampoo for a birthday or Mother's Day gift, Nan. Would save me money in the long run. :)


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