Friday, July 15, 2011

What's for Dinner: Hot Dogs & Pasta Salad

Bi-Lo had the Hebrew National hot dogs on sale this week for $5.29 and Buy One Get One Free. I also had a $1.00 off coupon for one package, so I paid $2.15 per package, which is a good price for Hebrew National.  I grilled all of the hotdogs, so the flavor would come through.

Pasta Salad was also on the menu since I have so many cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, and green peppers from the garden that it was a good way to use these things up. I also used a couple of packets of ranch salad dressing that I had in the refrigerator that were leftover from take out we had in the past.

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

6 Hot Dogs - $1.62
6 Buns - 72 cents
1 pound rotini Pasta - 50 cents on clearance
Cucumbers - free
Green Peppers - free
Tomatoes - free
Black Olives - 88 cents
Ranch Dressing - free
Cheese - $1.75
Total Cost: $5.22 for 3 people


  1. I've never made pasta salad with ranch- I bet that is good. I add sun dried tomatoes to mine and usually an on special priced bottle of Italian dressing. I love it but when I am seriously watching my carbs, it's a no go! I am baking cookies this morning for vacation Bible school- so far I have made 4 different kinds for our Christmas in July day. The rest of the week,it's healthier type snacks! PS every year we actually have a few kids who have never heard the Christmas story so it is cool to read/narrate it to them. Remember their parents or guardians have sent them to a Christian Bible school so it is OK to do!

  2. That sounds like fun, Nan. That is so nice of you to bake up 4 kinds of cookies for them.

    I usually do Italian too, but I didn't have any and had the ranch, so i tried it and really liked it. Will definitely do it again. :)


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