Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Clips

Last time I wrote about Great Clips was to let my readers know about the free Schick razor and coupons they were giving away in June. 

In my post I mentioned that I used a coupon for $7.99 they sent to me in the mail.

Great Clips offers haircuts at a very affordable price. An adult haircut costs $13 while a child's haircut costs $10. Right now they are offering a promotion to win free haircuts for one year. 

You can enter the promotion here: Free Haircuts for a year

Entering the promotion should get your name on their mailing list, which means they will be sending you coupons in the mail for haircuts at reduced prices. 

We received another coupon from them in the mail this week and took advantage of it yesterday to get our back to school haircuts. I saved $3 off one of our haircuts with the coupon they sent. 

Every little bit I can save for my family helps us out financially.


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