Monday, May 16, 2011

Mennonite Farmer's Market

Pictured above is what I bought today at the Mennonite Farmer's Market on Needle Eye Lane in Delano, Tennessee. I bought all of this for $9.00. One huge head of green leaf lettuce for $1.50, one English cucumber (about two feet long) for $1.25, One bunch of radishes for $1.25, One quart of locally grown strawberries for $3.00 that smell so good - I wish you could smell them. Broccoli and Green Peas too. Here is a picture of two of the salads I made for dinner tonight using some of the produce here, and I still have a lot left over for more salads this week:


  1. Lovely and great prices! Our one reasonably priced farmer sold his qts of berries for $5, but they were so good! We don't have a farmer's market until the end of June. Enjoy!


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