Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deal on Dawn

Fred's has Dawn dish washing detergent on sale this week in the 14 ounce bottle for 75 cents. The ad says this is for the 11 ounce bottle, but my local Fred's only had the 14 ounce bottles, so I asked the cashier about it, she scanned the 14 ounce bottle and it came up as 75 cents, so we were good to go. 

I had three coupons with me, two of them were for 25 cents off from the Proctor & Gamble coupon insert from the Sunday paper at the beginning of April. There will probably be new ones for May in today's coupon insert. 

The third coupon was for 50 cents and from the Home made Simple coupon booklet I signed up for. 

You can sign up for one here: Home Made Simple Coupon Book and receive $35 worth of coupons in your mailbox.

On Saturday Fred's doubles coupons, so my 50 cent coupon doubled to $1.00, and my total coupon savings was $1.50, so I actually received two bottles of Dawn for free. 

The sale runs through May 8th if you are interested in this deal.


  1. I love those kind of stock up deals!

  2. Thank you, Carol. I do too. :)

    Sorry, this is Belinda under my dd's name.


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