Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inexpensive Lunch

When you are out and about doing yards sales on Saturdays, don't overlook having lunch at one of the church rummage sales. Sometimes you can buy food very inexpensively. 

We stopped by one yesterday and they were serving hot dogs for 25 cents, bowls of chili for 50 cents, and bottles of water for 25 cents. So for $2.00 we enjoyed two bowls of chili, two hot dogs, and two bottles of water. 

Not a bad deal at all.


  1. Phenominal prices you'd NEVER see around here!

  2. I was shocked myself, Carol. A nice surprise indeed. :)

  3. Sometimes the bake sales are so incredibly cheap, I feel sorry for the people who took the time to bake the items, just for them to be sold for a pittance. Sometimes I like to buy a few things and throw them in the freezer for unexpected events or unexpected guests. Cheaper than store-bought, and much, much better.

  4. So true Laura, and such a good idea too! :)


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