Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buying in Bulk

One of the basic rules of buying in bulk includes knowing your prices. The per unit price of a product represents the true cost of the product broken down in its simplest form. This is the easiest way to figure out if you are getting a true bargain or not. For example, my family likes sweet pickle relish and we go through a lot of it for tuna sandwiches, egg salad, deviled eggs, and hot dogs. I always buy this product in bulk because I have done the math and determined it to be a money saver.

Wal-Mart sells their 24 ounce of Great Value pickle relish for $2.06, which works out to 9 cents per ounce. They also sell a 2 quart jar of Mt. Olive pickle relish for $3.36, which works out to 5 cents per ounce.  Now a difference of 4 cents might not sound like a lot of money to just, but trust me the savings does add up.  I save $2.40 every time I buy the 2 quart jar verses the 24 ounce jar. Buying in bulk saves me $28.80 if I use one jar a month over the course of the year. When I combine that with all my other savings during the year it adds up to a nice chunk of change. Just be sure you know your prices in order to take advantage of buying in bulk.


  1. Belinda-nice demonstation of a money saving tactic. BTW-do you garden? I put up picalilli after a hyatis of many years, giving some jars away at Christmas. My DS (mr crash and burn) LOVES this stuff and it was so cheap for me to make: tomatoes, cukes, cabbage, peppers, onions, vinegar etc. Most from the garden, too. : )

  2. I should add-save those jars for food storage!

  3. I do garden a little bit, Carol. I found a recipe this year for putting up sweet pickle relish:

    So, I may try my own this year. Depends on the time factor.

    Your piccalilli sounds great...would be good on beans for sure. Sounds similar to chow chow.

    Will definitely be saving these jars. :)

  4. Oh and BTW, thanks, Carol. :)


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