Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flannel Backed Plastic Table Covers

The Dollar General store has some of the items from Football season on clearance marked down to 90% off, so I picked up these flannel backed plastic tablecloths for 35 cents each today. These were originally $3.50, but I can usually find them on clearance for $2.00, so this was a good price. 

I love to use these to cover the carpet in the trunk of my car. They are perfect to set bags of garbage on just in case one of them leaks and then I can wipe the area clean rather than have a mess on the carpet in my trunk that needs cleaning. We have free garbage disposal here, but we do have to haul it ourselves and this was a terrific price to pay for these. They are great for other messy jobs too, like lining the bathroom floor to protect the floor when someone is coloring their hair or any messy jobs you can think of around the house.


  1. Great price. I often buy $1 tablecloths at Dollar tree for work parties. We use old shower curtains for the messy jobs you describe. Good tips!


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