Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yard Sale Saturday

Amy Dacyczyn wrote an article about power Yard-Saling one time. In it she wrote about how in order to find good deals it required going to a lot of yard sales because the items for sale were unpredictable. 

My daughter and I utilize this strategy on a regular basis. She maps out a yard sale route on her phone and we follow the path. 

Yesterday we ended up going to twenty-two yard sales. We love going to yard sales and consider it free entertainment, so our time is not wasted since we enjoy it so much. 

Not every yard sale is a good one however, and we certainly found our share of duds yesterday. 

When I post my yard sales finds, I only post mine. I don't post the ones my daughter selects for her reselling business. 

Here are the items I picked up yesterday. In all I paid $12 for these items and had a lot of fun in the process. 

Tupperware bag $3.00...

Fabric Box $2.00 - This held much more fabric, but I wanted to highlight the cute Halloween fabrics. 

Ribbon Box $2.00 - Such a great find! These would cost me $2.00 each in the fabric store. And these are so cute, my daughter loves the sock monkey ribbon.

New Towels $3.00 for the stack - I will be using these in my sewing projects. 

Fabric & binding $2.00

Items from the free box...

Two small Halloween bowls...

A White Barn Candle Company candle...

A package of new CD/DVD sleeves...

Two free bowls...

That's it for yesterday, not the best day, but also not the worst day either. 

Any yard sales in your area yet?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. wow - you got some great deals. It sure makes me wonder how much money some people must have to sell new stuff for pennies on the dollars. Those towels look brand new as does the candle!

    I love yard sales, it is not something that has started here yet - still too cold!
    You sure can find some deals. Yu are so right, about entertainment for next to nothing.

    1. I wonder the same thing about the money, Cheryl. So many thoughts run thru my head about it. The towels were brand new, they are smaller ones, but perfect for hair towels. Yes, it's a great source of entertainment for next to nothing. :)

  2. I always love coming here to see what goodies you've found. No sales here until May at least.

  3. Nice finds, I am curious about the pretty Tupperware bag. Is it a lunch bag? It looks like it's a quilted/lined cotton. Very pretty.

    1. Carol, it is much bigger than a lunch bag. More like a picnic bag or one you would shop with to store freezer items in until you get home. I love it.

  4. With our new round of snow, garage sale season will be late I bet. The first week in May istraditionally the city wide garage sale. I usually have just a few things to look for-this year will be cute fabrics for photo back drops.

    1. Oh wow, Sam, I love city wide or neighborhood yard sales. We hit a couple of those yesterday. They are easy to just park and walk around. I hope you find some cute fabrics for you photo back drops this year.

  5. That's some groovy material there Belinda :)

  6. I've found a lot of good stuff in the free boxes. My favorite is a large cast-iron skillet that had a bit of rust but no other issues. Some steel wool and a bit of re-seasoning fixed that. Now I wonder how I ever cooked without it.

  7. Wow, Donna. That is an awesome freebie!!


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