Monday, April 2, 2018

Sewing Project: Sleeping Mask

My daughter likes to sleep with a sleep mask because any light will keep her from sleeping. 

For Christmas I made her a new Harry Potter sleeping mask, and she likes how tight I made the elastic. 

Here is a sleeping mask that I made for her today:

She uses multiple masks during the night as they tend to fall off and she doesn't want to wake herself up looking for them, so she gets a new one off her nightstand. 

She likes mine better than the commercial ones she has, so she asked me to make her some more this week, so that is one thing I'm working on this week on the days I'm not working at school. 

One thing about sewing for yourself at home is that you can custom make things like this to your exact specifications, such as shortening or lengthening the elastic on a sleeping mask. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. That's gorgeous, love the material.

  2. Like your sleeping project. Your bargain sewing machine is making life easier. What's next?

    1. I have another project that I will hopefully be able to show at the end of this week.


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