Sunday, April 1, 2018

Yard Sale Saturday 3-31-2018

We had a good day going to yard sales on Saturday. At the beginning of the day we thought it was going to be a poor yard sale day due to the Easter holiday. The first four yard sales we went to we didn't buy anything, but then things started to pick up afterwards. 

We bought a brand new Brother sewing machine for $60.00. The Walmart price on this machine was $188 (Walmart Price) when I checked it yesterday, but they have since dropped the price to $144 to match the Amazon price. 

The backstory on this machine is this...The husband's wife wanted the machine to sew clothing for her daughter, so they bought the machine, but she never did anything with it. You can tell from the photo that all the original tape is still attached along with the styrofoam. Since he paid $200 for this, he wanted $100 for everything. 

He looked the machine up online for my daughter to see and noted that Amazon had it for $144, so he dropped the price to $75. My daughter counter offered him $60 and he accepted it. 

This machine was brand new! It had all of the accessories with it and I've already been sewing on it. It does so many things that my sewing machine does not do. I am thrilled with this!

Other items we picked up included:

One yard of St. Patrick's Day Fabric...50¢

Lamp for Sewing...$2.00. You can see my daughter's reselling bins in the background here. 

A beautiful nautical Lamp for $2.00. It needs a new lamp shade, but that is no problem. They are a dime a dozen at yard sales. 

We almost lost the nautical lamp. Two other people tried to buy it, after I had already picked it up and asked the price, while we were there. One of them was the friend of the lady holding the yard sale. 

Fan...$2.00. We always buy fans at yard sales. It helps us keep our home cooler and helps us to save money on the electric bill. 

Ribbons...$1.00 for my new project. 

And, no pictures of the following two items. 

Curtain with Curtain Rod $1.00

Craft Paper $2.00

We had a great day since we both love going to yard sales so much. 

Did anyone else get to yard sale this week?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. I am so looking forward to yard sale time here.
    Oh my goodness, what a deal on the sewing machine!!!! You did great with all your lovely finds.

    Have a Happy Easter

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I am so thrilled about the sewing machine.

  2. The sewing machine is a GREAT find!

  3. The sewing machine is an excellent bargain.
    I didn't go to yard sales this weekend. May be next week. :)

  4. Woohoo! Great price on the sewing machine!
    I can't wait to see some of the pretties you sew.

    No yard sales for us this weekend. I had to work, but maybe in a couple of weeks I can start looking.

    1. Thank you, Shara. Hopefully I will be able to share some next week. :)

  5. Dance in the streets. lol. In August, my Kenmore sewing machine will be 50-years old and as I tell, I was chained to it for many years. Enjoy yourself, Belinda.

  6. My husband went to Walmart this week and bought three fishing poles on clearance for five dollars each - the tags on them say 25 dollars -- we are selling those at our first yard sale this sprint for 15 dollars each...we still have some snow on the ground here in New England ! we are hoping to have our first yard sale not this weekend but next.


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