Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Frugal Week

Thanks to a sale at Walgreen's and several valuable coupons, we are now stocked up on 15 bottles of Purex laundry detergent with Clorox. 

My daughter did this deal for us and combined coupons from, which also reset, along with Walgreen's reward points. She used $10 worth of her Walgreen's reward points, so the majority of the laundry detergent was free to us. 

The sale is going on through Sunday. 

There are several sales going on this week, which I hope to take advantage of, which include:

Eggs 69¢ (limit 4)
Red Onions 99¢ (2 lb. bag)

Raisin Bran B1G1F + doubled coupon - $1.45 box

Piggly Wiggly
Ground Beef $1.99/lb. (wow!)

Milk - 1/2 gallon - $1.00

Any good deals going on where you live?

Thank you for reading,
~ Living within my means in Southern Tennessee ~

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  1. Good work, on the detergent! It's nice to not have to think about something like laundry detergent for a while.
    Wow! You have the 69cent eggs, too. Someone in the mid-west was mentioning that price on eggs. I paid 99 cents, limit 2 for eggs at 2 different stores a couple of weeks ago, and thought that was good. Our Fred Meyer (a Kroger affiliate) has 99 cent half-gallons of milk. With Senior discount, it came to 89 cents a half-gallon, limit 6. Not a lot of great deals this week in my area. Although our local restaurant supply (Cash & Carry) has sugar in 50-lb sacks for $19.99 (40 cents/lb). I may be buying our year's supply of sugar this week.

    I hope you can get to the deals this week, Belinda! have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Lili. The last time we stocked up on detergent was in May of 2015 and we are about on our last bottle of that, so I am hoping this will last a long time as well.

      I'm excited about the egg prices. My daughter is in town today and is going to pick some up for me to save me a trip to town. What a great deal you have on milk there. That price is unheard of here. I am driving to Georgia to get that price, but only about 18 miles, so not too bad.

      Great price on sugar. I would buy a year's supply as well. :)

      I hope you have a great week too Lili. :)

  2. I paid $1.50 for cheapo eggs today, for use in cooking, so as to save my organic, free range farmer eggs for bfsts. Staying away from stores except for essentials. Today I bought: milk, yogurt, cheap eggs, bread, rolls, 1/2 & 1/2, heavy cream.

    1. Sounds good, Carol. Bailey made it to ALdi yesterday and picked up 4 dozen eggs, which should last us a good while.

  3. Our Aldi also has eggs for 69¢ with a limit of six. Just bought them last week for 89¢ which I thought was a great deal. Cheryl

  4. That is still a really good price considering the price of eggs lately, Cheryl. :)

  5. Bailey adds a swagger to my walk as I continue to applaud. :) Proud of her for quite a few reasons. Do you scramble eggs to freeze in ice cube trays for later use? I have never read of someone who uses freezer containers for number of eggs in a recipe, such as 2/3/4; however, it could be worthwhile.

    1. I do this. I put the eggs through the blender with a little salt (it stabilizes the texture of the yolk, according to Joy of Cooking), then pour into containers with 3, 4, and 5 egg amounts. Then when I'm making a frittata or quiche, I just pull out the container that's the right size. And if I get down to just larger amounts of frozen eggs, you can keep them thawed in the fridge for 2 or 3 days, and measure out 3-4 tablespoons of the thawed egg, per each egg needed in cooking/baking. It works great.

    2. Thanks, Lili, for sharing how it is beneficial to freeze 3/4/5
      egg amounts together.

    3. I haven't done that, Anna, but Lili's recipe sounds good. I will have to do that soon.


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