Monday, May 30, 2016

My Frugal Weekend

On Saturday morning my daughter and I went to the drive in theater to their flea market and set up for the day. We had quite a bit of items to sell and ended up making $110 in the process. 

We left home early since the Flea Market opens at 6 a.m., which is too early for me to eat breakfast. The Flea Market was serving hot breakfast for a price, but we wanted to save money, so we took our breakfast and drinks with us and ate them when we were hungry. After our day was done we came home and made a late lunch of Mac & Cheese, Corn, and Cucumbers. 

There was no eating out for us this weekend and we did not spend any money on Saturday.

We are saving money for very specific things this summer and over the next two years. Eating out would prevent us from meeting our goals, so we have made a commitment to not eat out. 

On Sunday we ventured out and went to Kroger in Dalton and bought a watermelon for Monday and also found some bananas and red and yellow peppers on markdown.

Afterwards we came home to a dinner of Salmon Patties, Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Green Beans with Onions.

How was your weekend?

~ Living within my means in Southern Tennessee ~

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  1. Good or you, Belinda! Raising some needed cash, while decluttering. It's liberating for me, as I ready to move. Wise, too, to plan ahead you breakfast so as to avoid purchasing it. Your meal looks delicious!

    1. Thank you, Carol. Yes, decluttering is very liberating. We had been storing the things we were going to sell in a corner of the living room and that area is all cleaned out now and looks much better.

  2. Very nice! This rental is starting to echo as I've sold items off, am now moving what I call "smalls" to the condo. Rug cleaners came Fri, took 4 rugs off for their annual cleaning, will redeliver at the condo. 4 less things to move.

    1. Great! Every little bit helps. Getting rid of item you no longer use or need will help so much. Less to move will make it much easier on you.

  3. I so need to unload a ton of stuff. Good for you on the decluttering and setting a two year goal!

  4. Good job, Belinda!
    We've been piling up stuff to sell at a garage sale this summer. I don't know if we can make as much as you did, but it will also clean up one room. And really good job on taking your breakfast with you. It is so tempting to buy a meal out when the circumstances are like yours were. We're not eating out, either, for the time being, and it can be an exercise in discipline.

    Enjoy your Memorial Day!

    1. You are so right, Lili. NOT eating out can be an exercise in discipline. Here's hoping we both meet our goals! Good luck with your yard sale this summer. I wish you much success. :)

  5. Good job Belinda cleaning out and making money. We used to heat
    our meal as we drove. I forget what it is called like a thermal bag.
    Planning really saves money. Most times I would rather have my own
    home cooked food.
    Your holiday meal looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Patti. I have heard about something similar to the thermal bag. It was an older blog about fireless cooking and she would put her meal in an old pressure cooker with no handles and wrap it up in blankets and set it in her car and it would cook the food as they drove during the day. Her name was Anna and she used to post on the old frugal usenet group. Of course, the blog is gone now, but it was such an interesting concept. I'm with you, I prefer home cooked food myself.


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