Friday, May 27, 2016

Awesome Publix Haul

My daughter does such a great job with coupons and I just have to brag on her. While I was out and about yesterday running errands with Mom, she went to Publix and secured this great coupon deal. 

-Eight jars of Hellmann's Mayo that were BOGO $4.99.

-Eight French's mustards, four regular, two spicy, and two sweet. These were BOGO $1.63.

-Eight Vlasic Pickle Relishes that were regularly priced $1.39.

-Two Daisy Sour Creams that were BOGO 2.49.

-And, four DulcoGases that were on sale $2.99.

She used...

-Eight Publix store coupons that were $3 off a Hellmann's Mayo, a Vlasic Pickles, and a French's Mustard.

-Two $2 off $6 worth of Hellmann's coupons.

-Four $0.50 off French's Mustard coupons. (doubled)

-Two $0.50 off French's Spicy Mustard coupons. (doubled)

-Two $0.50 off French's Sweet Mustard coupons.  (doubled)

-Four $1 off two Vlasic Product coupons.

-Four $3 off any DulcoGas coupons.

-And, two $0.45 off Daisy Sour Cream coupons. (doubled)

Total Retail Value: $97.14
Total OOP: $3.45

Everything in this haul ended up being $0.12 each!

She achieved a savings of 96%!

Here is the deal she used at to secure this deal:  

Publix: AWESOME Hellmann’s Mayo, Vlasic Relish and French’s Mustard MONEYMAKERS

~ Living within my means in Southern Tennessee ~

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  1. Awesome deals as we head into picnic season!

  2. What a blessing! All that wonderful food for such a bargain.
    Have a great holiday weekend.


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