Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Dinner

Good morning! I woke up early Monday morning and started working in the kitchen. Saving money by cooking from scratch does require some time spent in the kitchen. 

Yesterday I bought some bananas at Kroger for 35¢ a bunch since they were very ripe. 

Since we are in super frugal mode for the time being,  I want to be sure to use what I have on hand instead of buying new. So with that in mind, this morning I used the last of a box of Bisquick and made banana pancakes for breakfast. 

I made sure to cut out the Boxtops for Education from the box and added it to the jar where I've been saving them. I counted how many I had today and I have 101 in the jar, so time for me to sell them on Ebay. 

We used to donate them to my daughter's middle school, but we've not done that since she has been in high school. I can sell them on Ebay for $10, so that is what I do with them now. 

For dinner today I have done the following...

Cut up the watermelon...

Shucked and cooked the Corn on the Cob.  

Food Lion was the only grocery store to have a great sale on it this week, 5 for $1.00, and when I got there I could see why. 

The ears were small and not as fresh as I would have liked. I made the trip though, so I went ahead and bought 5, but not the original amount I was going to buy ($5.00 worth). 

Made Cole Slaw...

And I will serve these with the Beef Hot Dogs I bought on sale at Food Lion last week. We don't have any beef in the house to make hamburgers, so the hot dogs will do instead. 

Watermelon $4.00
Corn on the Cob $1.00
Coleslaw $1.76
Hot Dogs $2.50
Buns 99¢
Total $10.25

$10.25 for dinner, which is much cheaper than eating out.  Plus we have plenty of leftovers, which is a win-win situation. :)

What's for dinner at your house today?

~ Living within our Means ~

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  1. Great looking dinner. Did you make any banana bread with all your bananas? I did that last week with some bananas I had in the freezer. My dd bought a whole watermelon last week and we were the recipients of some of it, it was very good.

    We're having pasta for dinner since it was pouring rain this morning. It's starting to clear, but I still think we will stick to the original plan. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so we will grill then.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Thank you, Mary Lou. Great minds think alike, and I definitely have banana bread on my list of stuff to do.

      Our watermelon was good and sweet, a little hard still, but very good.

      Your dinner plans sound good, I hope your day tomorrow is rain free so you can grill out. :)

  2. Don't kick me off your site but we are having KFC. I did a lot of cleaning, laundry, and cooked dinner for tomorrow night. My sister is having minor surgery and I will be gone all day tomorrow driving her back and forth and staying with her for awhile after surgery. Cheryl

    1. Never, Cheryl. lol I love KFC and their coleslaw is the best!!

      Sounds like you are super busy and a take out meal like that fits the bill for times like that. I hope your sister's surgery is a success. :)

  3. Do you read Don't waste the crumbs blog Belinda? She recently had a post about homemade bisquick using butter not shortening. Cheryl

    1. I've not read it before, but I will be sure to check it out now. Thank you, Cheryl.

  4. Hi Belinda, Your dinner looks yummy! My local Kroger sells bananas like yours for 39 cents a pound! (We live in the Delta part of Arkansas where people sure could use the price break.) I bought some and plan to make banana bread too.
    We planted 2 peach trees today. I hope they do well. I know it will take several years for them to produce. The fresh peaches will be well worth the wait. :) I planted a blueberry bush 4 years ago and this year, I think I'll gather at least a pint. Yay! I made sure to put some tulle netting around it so the birds can't get them before I do. LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful night. I enjoy your posts.
    - Ellie

    1. Thank you so much, Ellie. :)

      I hope your peach trees do well. We have two here, but they did not do well in the clay like soil we have here. I hope yours do very well.

      How neat that you have blueberry bushes. I asked my landlord one time if I could pick the blackberries around our house one year and she said yes. I went to work but when I got back home the birds had eaten them all, lol.

      I hope you have a wonderful night too. :)

  5. I like the looks of your coleslaw. Do you have the recipe posted anywhere?

    1. Yes Elsi, I take one bag of the coleslaw from the produce section and add 1⁄3 cup sugar, salt and pepper, 1⁄4 cup milk, 1⁄2 cup mayonnaise, 1⁄4 cup buttermilk and 1 1⁄2 tablespoons vinegar. I mix those together and pour over the coleslaw and then chill.


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