Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Frugal Week

Welcome Sunday.  :)

We are definitely enjoying our three day weekend here. Last week I was able to work every day, so I'm grateful for that especially after coming off a two week break at Christmas time. So far I am working two days out of a four day week this coming week. 

Here are some things we've done to save money this week:

- We definitely needed hair cuts this past week, so off to Great Clips we went. The price these days costs $13.00 for a haircut, but I had a coupon for one haircut for $8.99 and then I had a receipt from Walmart that I had saved for a haircut for $10.99. The employee actually let me use both coupons, which they have not let me do in the past. So I saved $6.00 on haircuts this past week. 

- I ordered my daughter a pair of jeans online. They cost $44.99, but I was able to save 25% off using a coupon code, which took $11.25 off the cost, and then used a promotional certificate they sent to me for $10.00 off, so I saved $21.25 off the jeans. $23.74 was the final cost, which is much cheaper than buying them at Torrid, where they run upwards of $100 at times and I find the quality lacking. 

- I've been actively working Swagbucks again this month. I have already earned enough for a $25 Paypal credit, which will definitely come in handy. If you're interested in earning from Swagbucks, you can read all about it on my Swagbucks page here: Frugal Workshop Swagbucks Page.

- We ran across a sale on Kool-Aid recently at Food City for 10¢ a pack, so I stocked up on Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Black Cherry, which are our favorite flavors. 

- I received a free bible from the Tyndale Rewards program recently. You can sign up for the program here and earn 25 points when you join. 

Do you remember Amy D writing in the Tightwad Gazette about the last Woodstock and how so many young people left behind their possessions? This binder reminded me of that. 

It was discarded by a senior before Christmas Break where I was subbing that day. A brand new binder filled with brand new paper  inside in perfectly good condition. I brought it home with me that day. Unbelievable!

I received my Betty Crocker calendar in the mail not too long ago. 

Lunch today was whole plant based foods. Broccoli, grape tomatoes, orange slices, and a banana. Water to drink. Getting my nutrients in for the day.  :)

How is your Sunday?

Living within my means 


  1. Great deals. My dd is much older than yours, but she still orders her jeans from the clearance section of American Eagle. She loves their jeans, but not their regular prices.

    1. That is terrific, Mary Lou!

    2. I must get back into Swagbucks again. I haven't been on it since I got this new laptop. I ordered three new light fixtures from Lowes yesterday and saved 15%, so that was better than nothing I guess.

    3. Good deal on the light fixtures, Gill. I was sort of inactive on SB last year, but I'm active again so far this year.

  2. Good deal on hair cuts. In December, I returned to cutting DH's and my hair, which I had not done consistently for many years. Price increased 1/3, so I grabbed my shears for hair. Will save about $972 in 2016.

    Teaching high school, after students left the last day for summer vacay, I found books to return to public library, endless school supplies, novels I could lend to students, and all sorts of odds and ends. Bibles among the books left in lockers, too. Never entered my mind to discard usable materials.

    My freebie calendar is a pretty Lang calendar from Christmas.

    Beautiful plate of food. Yum.

    You are clever.

    1. Thank you, Anna. What a great savings in 2016 by cutting your own hair. That is wonderful. :)


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