Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Frugal Things I've Done Lately

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Frugal things I've done lately include...

- Returned three clothing items via the post office that I gave as Christmas presents that were not what the recipients wanted.  One fit perfectly, but the person wanted a larger size and the other two I was told were "grandmotherly". I will be expecting a refund on all three items. 

- We stayed home during our Christmas break other than to go pick up my laptop. We've had over eight inches of rain here, which has created severe flooding issues. Our driveway will have to be fixed this week as a result. But staying home has meant no spending and all meals at home. 

- Our Christmas was paid for in full. Nothing was put on a credit card to be paid later. I did not go overboard on gifts or food. We had a simple Christmas and enjoyed the day immensely. 

- I read about a lady who is recycling her old calendar into envelopes. http://homespunseasonalliving.com/upcycled-calendar-envelopes/

- We reused and then saved several boxes and bags  from Christmas packages that can be reused next year. We also used wrapping paper that I bought several years ago at an after Christmas clearance, so no money spent on wrapping paper this year. 

 What are some frugal things you've done lately?

~ Live within your means ~


  1. I did use my credit card for Christmas since I did quite a bit of online shopping. Bill came and it's all paid.

    I did go out with dd for the after Christmas sales. But I held back on wrapping paper. I need to use up all that is around here. I did buy Christmas cards and extra tape for next year since I still send out a few cards and then I do use them if I'm giving a gift card or cash to my hairdresser, etc.

    Luckily, after our terrible winter last year we have been snow free so far. Fingers crossed.

    Otherwise Christmas, like you, was at home.

    1. Kudos to you, Mary Lou, for paying off your cc in full. I love that so many of my readers do that. :)

      I had to buy tape this past year, so if I do see any on sale I will pick some up for next year.

      Our season has been snow free so far too even though teachers and students want a snow day. lol

  2. I don't buy people clothes as it is just too hard to know what people like. I think it is better to return the clothes than to have it sit unworn in a closet. Hope they did not hurt your feelings.

    I have been sick all week so no spending here.

    1. They didn't hurt my feelings, thank you for asking Theresa. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you are feeling better. :)

  3. good for you with how you handled Christmas. I have purchased all the family Christmas cards for this coming Christmas. Like others I did make a number of online purchases, but have paid off my credit card in full. picked up more gift bags for 25 cents a piece and have enough wrapping paper, for this coming Christmas as well.

    1. Thank you, Gill. Kudos to you for paying off your CC in full. That is the best way to handle those ccs, as you already know.

      Good planning on your part to get ahead for Christmas this year also. You'll be glad you did when Christmas rolls around this year. I know I always am. :)


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