Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kmart Rewards Program

Unfortunately our local Kmart is one of those on the chopping block and will be closing this spring. Everything is 30% off right now, so I decided to go and see if there was anything that we needed. 

Kmart sells the Joe Boxer socks in the longer lengths for people with larger shoe sizes. My daughter is very tall and needs the longer length in order to fit properly and I've always bought them at Kmart. 

The night before I shopped I went online to the Shop Your Way Rewards website to look at the coupons and found one for $10 off a $30 clothing purchase. I went ahead and added it to my Shop Your Way rewards card just in case. 

When I first went in the store I thought to myself, "Good Grief!" They must have raised their prices before they marked everything 30% off", because the prices I was looking at were high!

Eventually I was able to find the socks I was looking for and purchased three packages of them. I also found her two shirts in her size and a Rubbermaid one gallon pitcher. 

When I got up to the cash register, my total came to $32.27 and I had forgotten about the $10 coupon I put on my card, so I was pleasantly surprised when it took $10 off my purchase. 

Then I asked the cashier to apply my Shop Your Way rewards balance to the total, which took off another $5.65. My total ended up being $16.62. I came home with 15 pairs of socks, two shirts, and a pitcher. Not a bad deal at all! :)

~ Living within my means in Southern Tennessee ~

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  1. Good deal!
    When we moved here 15 yrs. ago there were 3 K-Marts within a 10 min. drive of me and another 2 stores 10 mins. further away. They closed one of the 3 closest to us back in 2002 and another one further away last year. I don't think any of ours are on the chopping block this round but I am waiting for the Sears here at the mall to close...I think that will be next.
    Walmart is closing 100 or so stores nationwide now and Macy's is closing more than that. It sure looks like our economy is shrinking, doesn't it?

    1. Not according to the media. Things are sunshine and lollipops according to them.

    2. Exactly, Theresa. They are living in an alternate universe.

  2. Thank you, Sluggy. I am wondering about Sears too. Whenever I go into that store it is deader than a door-nail inside. I had heard about Walmart, but not Macy's. Our economy is shrinking, but no on e in charge wants to admit it. ::sigh::

  3. My metro's unemployment for December was reported this week as 6.1%. It is more likely 18.3%. When about 90% of public school students use free lunch program, families are not doing well. Small food market WalMarts are closing but no Macy's or Kohl's.

    1. Yes, it is bad in so many areas. Our schools applied for and rcvd a grant for free breakfasts and lunches for every student, but before that it was around 60% getting free lunches due to low incomes.

    2. About the Memphis City Schools eating program, 3 meals are served, as of this 2015-16 school year to every student. No money is in a cafeteria. No bologna sandwiches for the student without food. Breakfasts are served in classrooms, where attendance is taken and the day begun. Lunch is served in cafeteria. Take-home suppers are offered to all. Those who stay for after-school activities are given supper (unknown to me how) wherever they are.

      If I did not want a free supper, I would be prone to give mine to another hungry student needing more than offered, if permitted.

      No child should be hungry. Then, the teachers who spend their summers at yard sales to locate clothes, shoes, coats, mittens, scarves can not be thanked enough.

    3. Wow, that is so impressive that Memphis City schools serve them three meals a day. I would do that as well if I did not want the free supper, give it to someone who needed it. What a wonderful program for all those hungry children. Lord knows there are so many of them.

  4. great deal on everything - thankfully you were able to stock up on socks for your daughter -- I wear a size ten shoe - so I like the larger/longer sock length too.

    1. Thanks, Meme. She was so tickled with them. She loves the longer socks. :)


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