Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Brunch

Since we had the day off from work and school for MLK day, I decided to make brunch today. Sausage, scrambled eggs, tater tots, and biscuits were all on the menu. Although we have grape jelly, we are out of strawberry preserves, but I did have two packets of them, which we used for brunch. 

Afterwards I packaged up the leftovers and ended up with three sausage biscuits for breakfasts this week and several plain biscuits, which will be used for either breakfast, lunchboxes or snacks for hungry ones. 

In my Frugal Kitchen today I also made...

Ranch Dressing - I made a couple of bottles of this as this is our favorite salad dressing and it's easier to make a big batch all at once than several smaller batches at different times. I also made a pasta salad, but no photo to show of that. 

I haven't shown you our new refrigerator, so here is a photo. My daughter decorated it for Christmas, but we like it so much that we've decided to keep it for winter time. 

Here is a look at the inside:

We are going to spend part of the day cleaning in my Dad's house. This will be an ongoing project that will take a lot of time over the course of several months as his house is packed full of stuff. I should take before and after photos. 

I'm off for now. I hope you have a fantastic Monday.  :)

See you soon,

Living within my means


  1. Your fridge decoration is so cute! I'd keep it up all Winter too.

  2. That's really cute, Belinda!
    Your daughter did a great job!
    Your brunch looked delicious, and so nice to have some leftovers for the work/school week.

    1. Thanks, Lili. We really like how the fridge turned out. :)

  3. Very cute snowman. I would keep him also.

    We usually do a "big" breakfast on Sundays. We went to lunch today with a distant relative visiting from Savannah so just toast for breakfast here.

    But it's great to have leftovers for breakfast. I need something to eat in the morning, but always have a hard time deciding. Enjoy!!

    Good luck with the cleaning. I have been working on the basement for months. Somehow I never realized dh was putting everything old and/or broken down there. He has such a mess going on, but it's getting there bit by bit. I'm doing most of it since I've become heartless. Just throw it out or donate it. Get it out of my sight. Some of it's so old it's not even worth donating.

    1. I usually become heartless when throwing stuff out too, Mary Lou. I just can't help it as I would rather get rid of it and have a nice clean looking area than all the "stuff".

  4. Your fridge is super inside and out. :):):) ::Go, Bailey::

    Working on statistic that Americans waste 25% of food. Not successful but containerizing and quickly placing in freezer saves $$$.

  5. I love your new frig Belinda. Your daughter is so creative what a blessing to have a new frig. Have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you so much, Patti. We love the new fridge and you're right, it is a blessing. :)


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