Thursday, January 10, 2013


I made a trip to IGA today and found a couple of deals, which include:

2 bags Cole slaw - $1.00 each
2 red peppers - $1.03
2 one pound bags Black Eyed Peas - $1.00 each

2 packages turkey bacon - $1.00 each (45¢ each after 55¢ coupon from Sunday paper)

Total for all my groceries was $15.70, which makes my total for this month $42.80. Remember I am working on using up what I have in the pantry and freezer, so my grocery total will be lower this month than usual.

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  1. Good price on the blackeyed peas. They were $2.54 here for a 2 lb package. Remember when dried beans were less than $1 a pound. :-( Even with the cost increase they are still a far less expensive source of protein.

    1. Thank you,Shara. I remember when they were less than $1 per pound too. I'm afraid those days are gone though, unfortunately. And you're right, they are a less expensive source of protein. I suspect these were bought for New Year's Day and this was what was left of their overage. Good buy for me though. I like to get these unadvertised in store deals. :)


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