Sunday, January 20, 2013

Free Grapefruit Juice

Did you all see the terrific grapefruit coupon floating around the Internet this week? You can Google "$2 off grapefruit coupon" to find it. Several websites have it on their sites this week. 

The coupon is good for $2.00 off 56 ounces or more of 100% juice or 3 pounds or more of grapefruit. 

And just as luck would have it, one of our local grocery stores (Cooke's) had Ocean Spray 100% grapefruit juice on sale this week, 64 ounce bottles priced at 2 for $4.00. 

I was able to pick up two free bottles and only had to pay the sales tax. That is my kind of deal. :)

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Betsy said...

Great deal Belinda. Do you live in a climate where you can plant some citrus trees?

Belinda said...

Thank you, Fiesta. No, we would have problems with freezing in the springtime, but oh, how I would love to have some. Maybe someday. We used to have peach trees, but the squirrels beat us to them. lol:)

Lili Mounce said...

Great deal on the grapefruit juice. So, do you pay sales tax on all food in TN? It seems to be different in every state.

Belinda said...

Yes, we pay sales tax on food, Lili. Currently it is about 6%, and sales tax is right at 9.75%, but there is no state income tax here, so we pay higher taxes for that reason.

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