Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coke Rewards Revisited

Pictured above are three coupons I recently received from My Coke Rewards for three free 12 packs of any Coke product. I decided on two boxes of Spite, which are good to have on hand in case of an upset stomach. I also decided on one box of Minute Maid Lemonade.

Here are the boxes I "purchased" with my coupons:

If you are new to My Coke Rewards you can read my original post about the program here.  A coupon for a free 12 pack is 240 points and one cap is worth 3 points, while a 12 pack box is worth 10 points.

 I still have a shoebox full of caps that I need to enter into the computer. I work on them every now and then. These are the ones Mom used to get at work from her friends and in the hopper.   

Soda pop isn't something I purchase on a regular basis, but I will use these points to get the 12 pack boxes for free, but when they are gone they're gone. :) 
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  1. Belinda,

    My husband "collects" coke rewards too. My neighbor gives them to him. My kids enter than in the computer, and when we have enough, we get the coupons for free soda. It's a win win for all of us. My neighbor gets rid of them, we are getting a free treat.


    1. I love it, Debbie! So many people get rid of them, so it is a win-win situation when you can get them for free like that. :) Way to go.


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