Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aldi Produce Deals

 Aldi is having a great sale on produce this week. I stopped in yesterday to pick up several things. 

Five pound bags of red potatoes were 99¢ per bag, so I picked up two bags.These will be great in potato salad or as roasted red potatoes, which I love.

Tomatoes were 99¢ for a package of three. These will be good for tacos, salads, or sandwiches. 

Carrots were 49¢ for a two pound bag. I picked up two of these as well.

They were out of the onions though...two pound bags for 69¢, which would have been a good deal. I ended up buying a three pound bag at Fresh & Low for $1.50.

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Betsy said...

You find Te best bargains Belinda. Unfortunately the closest Aldii have is an hour away so I just hit the local market on the weekend. I do plan on growing some verges this spring. At least I am going to try

Unknown said...

super jealous of the deals you scored! im always looking for the lowest prices in groceries! I mostly eat at home because its a great way to save money! I cant wait to see your potato salad recipe!


Belinda said...

Thank you, Fiesta. Our Aldi used to be an hour away until they built one closer last year, which makes it easier to run in and pick up a few things. Growing a garden will save you a lot of money. I made chili the other night and used home grown/home canned tomatoes in it, so no money spent on those, which saved me some money. I hope your garden does very well! :)

Belinda said...

Thank you, Nico. I'll post it once I make it, pictures and all. :)

CTMOM said...

Aldi's must have regional differences. I hit my local one in the city, 3lb onions $1.49, tomatoes $1.69, 2 lb carrots $1.39, I didn't get potatoes but they were about $2.49 and up! Still good buys for me, relatively speaking. I got carrots, onions, cabbage broccoli crowns, celery 79 cents,Roma tomatoes, bananas there.

Belinda said...

They must have regional differences, Carol. I was wondering about that when I saw your post on your blog. Good deal on the celery. I didn't check the price on that since I have some on hand already.

Mary Lou said...

I do like Aldi's and you did get some good buys. The closest Aldi's to me is about 35 minutes away so I don't go there too often since it costs more in gas than I would recoup in savings.

But for those of you close to one....I'm envious.

Belinda said...

I can remember feeling the exact same way, Mary Lou, before Aldi's moved closer. Now I am envious of those who are close to the Shoprite Can Can sale once a year or so. The prices are wonderful!!!

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