Friday, June 2, 2023

First Frugal Friday of June 2023

Welcome to Friday! 

Quote of the Week
Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.  
~ Charles F. Glassman
My Frugal Week

It’s been lovely spring weather here this week. I’ve opened the windows and let the house air out in the cool of the mornings. I haven’t had to use the air conditioner in my bedroom, which helps to save on the electric bill. 

Last Friday was laundry day, so I stripped my bed and washed all my bed clothes and put on a new set of Pioneer Women sheets on the bed. She sure does make some beautiful merchandise these days. Afterwards I washed what laundry I had and then folded mine and Bailey’s laundry and put mine away while Bailey put hers away. 

Last time I went to town I managed to step in something that messed up my shoes and they needed to be cleaned thoroughly, so I put them in the washing machine and then later the dryer. They came out neat and squeaky clean. 

We sent a birthday card to a very dear friend in Florida who turned 85 on Sunday. She was the girlfriend of Bailey’s grandfather who passed away in 2014. She doesn’t need or want for anything in life, so a handwritten card is perfect for her birthday. She is the epitome of frugality and I’ll have to write a blog post about her sometime. 

Bailey shopped the local thrift store’s buggy sale where you can buy a cart full of items for $20. She loaded up on clothes for her online shops. In order to get the most bang for her buck she will pick up what she wants to buy and then add additional clothing items to fill the shopping cart completely. 

The additional clothing items are then sent to ThredUp where they will hopefully be sold and then a check sent to her share of the money.  She will also look for free clothing at yard sales to add to her ThredUp boxes.  It’s a good way to make some extra money without too much involvement on her part. 

This week I tackled the back porch. In the winter time we line the back porch with big cardboard boxes to keep the wind off the cats since they live outdoors. In the spring time those are taken down and put away until next winter. 

I moved all the cat “furniture”, swept it all off, and then swept the porch really good and set everything back into place. I also took some hot soapy bleach water and scrubbed several sections that needed cleaning. 

On Tuesday I saw where the Habitat for Humanity store was having a fill a bag for $5 sale, so Bailey went and found several items we needed. She also stumbled across a yard sale. She picked me up a hair dryer, new boxes of wipes and gloves, and a new quilt for my bed. All things that I had on my needs list. I love the second hand market as it saves us so much money. 

This Week’s To Do List

Anything crossed off has been completed. 

Daily Kitchen Tasks
Refill Disinfectant Spray Bottles
Clean House 
Clean & Sanitize Zero Water Filter
Scrub Back Porch
Finish June 2023 Budget
Peruse Grocery Store Sale Ads & Make Grocery List of Sale Items


Earlier this month my Insurance company sent me a free $50 gift card to Walmart as an incentive to get my yearly physical done, which I had done in February. I filled up my gas tank with it and then spent the rest on groceries. 

Question of the Week

When I was growing up in the 1970s we called shoes that appeared to be athletic, tennis shoes. 

After doing a little reading on the subject now I’m wondering if this is another southern term I learned from my parents since they both were born in the south. There is definitely a lot to read on this subject in a Google search of the topic. 

I don’t know if young people still call them that, but I still use that name. How about you? We also called them gym shoes or sneakers. 

Avoiding Spending

We couldn’t avoid spending money this week this week as I needed to fill up my car with gas for a doctors appointment on Thursday. Then the cats ran out of cat food because something else has been eating their food throughout the day. 

It could be a number of different animals as we’ve seen the neighbor’s cat, two dogs, and a fox here this week, so I’ve only been putting a little bit out at a time, but we ran out on Tuesday, so I ordered a bag from Sam’s Club via Instacart. ($20 off your first order link)

Saving Money In My Frugal Kitchen

My kitchen is a working kitchen with a working pantry. It’s not meant to be a showplace, but rather the heart of our home where I make food to nourish my family. 

Since it’s near the end of the month and our meat supply is lower and dried bean supply is high, we’ve been eating plenty of beans this week. We’ve had soup beans (great northern) and October beans (aka cranberry beans, my favorite) this week, and Bailey put in a request for 15 Bean Cajun beans, so I’ll be making those soon. 

I used my last very ripe banana and some not very sweet blackberries to make us smoothies for breakfast one day. I added some spinach that I stuck in the freezer from a fresh bag from our produce drawer.  #useitup #nofoodwaste

We had a ham in the freezer that I took out one day, thawed, and then ground it up in my food processor and made pinwheels with it for dinner one night. I also used the ham to make a Fluffy Baked Omelet for dinner one night, and added some of it to eggs for breakfast one day. 

I made lentil tacos on Tuesday for Taco Tuesday. I had and used a bag of sprouted lentils that a friend gave to me recently. I also used up the last of the salsa we saved from our takeout order of Mexican food earlier in May. #useitup

I made my own taco seasoning mix this week. I have a recipe in the recipe section located here if you’re interested. I like making my own as that way I can control the ingredients that go into the mix. I don’t like anything spicy hot, so I leave out red pepper flakes and I can control how much salt is added. 

Making your own seasoning blends will save you money in your kitchen too. I use the Great Value spices (at least the ones they have) that cost $1.00 at Walmart as those save me the most money. I refill my bigger spice bottles with those. 

This weekend I will be making a grocery shopping trip to restock my pantry for the month. Fewer things are bought at the grocery store these days due to low supply and higher prices. We rely a lot on what food we already have here in our home, which I suspect many of you are doing as well. 

We continue to live a paper towel free life here and have for many years. Instead we use cloth napkins, dish clothes and towels, and then cleaning rags for cleaning. 

Meals This Week


Cottage Cheese & Oranges
Scrambled Eggs & Toast
Fruit Smoothies
Scrambled Eggs with Ham


Soup Beans & Cornbread. 

Salmon Patties, Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans with Onions.

Mexican Pinwheels, October Beans, Red Onions. 

Ricotta Bake, Green Beans with Onions, Salad. (We were not fans of this dish as the ricotta had been frozen, which changed the texture. So, I broke out the makings for tuna salad and we had that to finish off our dinner.)

Lentil Tacos with choice of  lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and cheese.

Taco Chicken Rollups (instead of White Chicken Enchiladas) ~ I made these out of canned chicken from my pantry, sour cream, taco sauce, taco seasoning mix, cheddar cheese, onion powder, minced onion, and one can of diced green chilies. Then I scooped some onto tortillas and air fried for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Served with spoon bread and green peas. 

Fluffy Baked Omelet, Green Peas, Spoon Bread

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Recipe of the Week

Plain flavored yogurt can be non-satiating because it has no flavor, so here is a way to change that and make it taste delicious. 

Back when I was growing up, jello salads often graced our holiday tables. Those were often made with cream cheese or sour cream and can be calorie laden. Using plain yogurt is healthier and lowers the calorie content of these recipes. 

The first time I tried this it was so creamy and reminded me of those jello salads. I’m going to add some canned mandarin oranges and or nuts next time and attempt to duplicate those holiday recipes from the past. 

Jello Flavored Yogurt


1 box sugar free Jello, any flavor (I’ve used Great Value Black Cherry, and Peach which were both good)

1 cup water

1 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt


Heat water to boiling and add jello packet. 

Stir or whisk until jello is dissolved. 

Allow jello to cool before adding yogurt. (to retain probiotic properties of yogurt)

Add in one cup of yogurt and stir until combined.

Refrigerate and allow mixture to set up like jello. 

Saving Money YouTube Videos

Whippoorwill Holler is a favorite YouTube channel of mine. In this video she talks about her workable, sustainable pantry. 

Saving on Entertainment

I’ve added several blogs to my blog reading list (in the right sidebar) this week if you’re interested in checking out some new blogs. There are some really good writers out there for us to enjoy all for free. 💕 

Sometimes people stop writing their blogs for various reasons, but sometimes I  leave them on my reading list especially those that I consider to be fountains of knowledge. 

What I've been Reading This Week

The Virginia Housewife by Mary Randolph

30 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food that will Save you Hundreds

Consumers Cut Discretionary Spending to Afford Essential Spending ~ Bailey and I have suspected this for some time now as we’ve noticed a slow down in people buying clothes from her online shops. We feel as if people are having to spend more of their money on essentials and do not have the extra money for non-essentials like they have had in the past. 

It’s a Good Time to Shorten Food Supply Chains ~ one way we shorten our food supply chain is by keeping chickens. Gathering them from our chicken coop definitely shortens our supply chain. Gardening is another great way to shorten your food supply chain. What ways do you shorten your food supply chain?

Thank you for dropping by my frugal blog, you are always welcome here. 

I’m thankful for the inspiration and encouragement I gather here & hope
all of my readers have a wonderful week

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~ Living within our Means ~
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~ She looketh well to the ways of her household ~
Proverbs 31:27


  1. Bailey inspires me to shop and sell on ebay. Some day.... But, I can start with things Tommy and I have.
    Leaving my cat's food out drew every cat in the neighborhood and feral cats from blocks away, not to mention wild animals.
    When I had chickens, I had a short supply to eggs, just walk out the side door. I miss them and their eggs. It was a fun adventure. I also traded for things, and gave them to people who did favors for me and would not take money. I am going to try the Jello and yogurt. And, I am shopping for two spices I need to make dressing so I will not be exposed to canola oil, and soybean oil.

    1. Thank you. You just reminded me to add olive oil to my grocery list. I read the same thing about commercial salad dressing, that the oils in it are not good for you. Yes, chickens are so much fun and easy to feed with scraps, although we have chicken feed for them too.I hope you like the jello and yogurt. I’ve been eating some everyday.

  2. Sounds like you have had a busy and productive week. What a great buggy sale, and I hope that Bailey makes a good profit for her shop. I love those Pioneer woman sheets, and I'm sure your bedroom looks so pretty. I'll check out the blogs, and your meals sound good. That yogurt jello sounds good and refreshing for summer. I think it would work well for jello salads. I grew up calling athletic shoes, tennis shoes. I also call pants, britches which cracks my son up. My husband said that he can tell when I am getting angry because my southern accent gets thicker by the minute. And it isn't Scarlett O'Hara southern but Appalachian hillbilly southern.:D
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. 😂 I’m laughing over here Kathy about your husband saying that about your accent. There is something special about the sound of a sweet southern accent. 💕

      It was a productive week for sure. I was worried that the blog post was too long, so I did remove one part and saved it for next week.

      I’m going to add mandarin oranges to my next batch of jello as I think that will be so refreshing.

      I hope you have a terrific weekend. 😊

  3. (Little Penpen) your post is so full of goodness and info. I enjoy seeing what you and Bailey are up to each week. I wish I had her umphh to do the sales thing. I messed with eBay for a bit, but ended up getting overwhelmed with all the extra stuff lying around, waiting to be sold. Regarding cats, we’ve been feeding the strays and found kittens last week in the garage. So it was time to get serious. I bought a live trap and my vet offered to help spay and neuter. Since my trap arrived, most of the cats have disappeared and we didn’t even set it yet. What’s up with that??? We do have a huge male that seems to scare the others. We are thinking he has run them off. We are now scratching our heads, trying to decide what to do. Im from the south and it’s tennis shoes for me. Tennis shoes or dress shoes or sandals. Lol

    1. Thank you, Penny. It was a good week and I worked on the blog quite a bit. (I guess it shows 😀) I did the eBay sales for a while too a few years ago, but didn’t enjoy it enough to continue. It’s a good side hustle for those who enjoy it though.

      Those kitties must have seen your trap and thought they better get out of there. Isn’t that the way it goes? Once you get ready to solve an issue, it disappears. Must be Murphy’s law or something. Those traps are really good though, we’ve caught a raccoon or two with those.

      Tennis shoes it is! 😊 I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Glad I made you laugh, Belinda.
    If I am really getting wound up over something, my husband will say, oh lawd she's going southern on me. ;)

  5. Love your Friday posts! I noticed Graceful Little Honeybee (30 things to save money) is back - I got two emails with great reading.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. I read on another blog that she was back to posting too. 💕

  6. Great week Belinda. You always are able to save and make do.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. We try and do the best we can.

  7. I don't think I've ever heard of cranberry beans. I'm going to try and find some. Do you have a favorite recipe or way to prepare? In return, I'll share my favorite way to eat yogurt. I prefer Greek but this works for regular as well. Add 1 teaspoon of unsweetened baking cocoa to a single serve container and mix well. If I'm using plain, sometimes I'll add a squirt of honey too. I'm a chocoholic and it's a low cal treat!
    Oh and I have heard them called tennis shoes but we've always called them sneakers. Thanks for another enlightening post!

    1. Hi Bobi,
      Walmart sells the cranberry beans also known as October beans. They are delicious. Here is a blog post I made about how to cook dried beans. It’s really easy to do:

      Oh, your yogurt sounds delicious! I will definitely try that this week. Yum!

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog this week. 💕

  8. Really enjoyed your blog today…thank you! One caution on the ‘jello yogurt’….since heat will destroy the goodness of yogurt (probiotics, etc.), you might cool down the hot jello as much as possible before adding the yogurt. I have routinely made my own yogurt for 40+ years (SUPER easy) and enjoy the plain as is or, if I need a bit of sweet, I stir in honey, maple syrup or jam. Thanks again for all the info and a look at your week!

    1. Thank you. 😊

      That is a great tip on the yogurt, so I will allow the jello to cool before adding the yogurt next time. I’ll even update the recipe to state that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog this week. 😊

  9. Thanks for your blog reading list and the recent additions. I like to take a look at new blogs to me and see if they are something I would like to read. Also, I look forward to reading yours as well. Diane

    1. Thank you, Diane. That is so sweet of you to say. I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. I love writing it each week. 💕

  10. I hope you get out for daily walks and get some activity in. Those recipes and meals sound like a walk afterwards would be warranted! Jen

    1. I know daily walks are good exercise, but I'm not sure what is wrong with eating beans or salmon or tuna or lentils, etc. Sounds pretty healthy to me!

  11. We have finally finished the garden -the heat slowed us down a lot. It's a lot cooler now but it's forgotten to rain. Hopefully it will remember how to do that soon.
    Shortening our food supply is a lot of work! We have decided that as we get older that we will go all raised beds.
    Love this post.

    1. I’m so glad you all have your garden in now, Vickie. That’s great! It has been so hot already this year and without much rain at all. We usually have had a lot more rain during this time of year. Raised beds are definitely the way to go for so many reasons. Thank you for your sweet words about this week”s blog post. 💕

  12. I forgot to say, it is and always was tennis shoes to me.


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