Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Frugal Week

When I listed my BoxTops for Education on Ebay the other day they sold within the first hour that I listed them. I've never had anything sell so quickly before. I earned $7.50 on those after fees. I also listed two more items for sale on Ebay this week. 

Something else we did to save money this week was to go to Target to get in on a cat food deal

Target had Purina brand Cat Chow on sale for buy three bags and get a free $10 Target gift card. They had the 13 pound bags, which are normally $13 on sale for $12. We also had multiple $3 off one coupons. 

We bought nine bags and were also able to get in on a 25¢ rebate on Ibotta for any cat food. Each bag ended up costing us $5.67, which is a great savings over the $12 sale price. With four cats, hopefully this will last until summertime. 

Of course, we will save the codes off the bags and apply them to the My Perks rewards program to earn more free cat food. 

For fun and free entertainment around here, we've been watching Christmas movies and playing some of our favorite board games. One of the games we've played is Ticket to Ride. This was the game we found at a yard sale this summer for $3.00 that sells for over $30 on Amazon. We really enjoy this new to us game and it was money well spent. 

As usual I perused the grocery store ads on Wednesday to see if there were any good deals we wanted to pick up this week. 

Fresh & Low has 8 ounce bags of cheese on sale for $1.18, while Cooke's had the same cheese for $1.25 and ground chuck for $1.99 a pound.

We decided to go to town to stock up on these two deals and to check out Walmart's Christmas clearance. 

At Cooke's, I bought ten bags of cheese and ten pounds of the ground chuck. Those were the only two grocery items we bought this week. 

At Walmart we bought thirteen rolls of wrapping paper, which they had on clearance for 50% off. We paid 61¢ per roll for eight of them while the others cost $1.50 each. We also bought some smaller bows in a container, so they won't get crushed during the year, for 50¢ each .

We are all in different places financially and you may or may not need these frugal living tips. Hopefully there is something here that you'll find useful that will help motivate or inspire you on your frugal journey. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. WOW what a deal on the cat food. That is fantastic!!!
    Also did great on the cheese and meat. Sounds like a very profitable week for you! Got to love that!
    Some weeks the planets all seem to align!!!!!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Target has the cat food deal a couple of time sper year it seems like. It is a great deal. Hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  2. Love hearing about your frugal week. Great deal on cat food. Haven't seen any good deals on dog food lately:( We have 3 dogs.:) I also got some Christmas paper at walmart for half off. Its so pretty too. :) Hope you have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. You got a good deal on the Christmas paper at Walmart. They still had a good selection when we went. I hope you had a good selection to choose from too and hope you have a Happy New Year too!

  3. Good deals and planning. We usually go to Petsmart the day after Thanksgiving since they always have a deal on Tidy Cat litter (40 lb. size) I bought 4 this year. I only have the one cat but we have a corner cat box and it uses quite a bit of litter.

    I went with my dd to Walmart the day after Christmas, but only bought tissue paper. I need to use up the wrapping paper that we have, but like you have always bought it after Christmas. My dd goes for those gift sets. She buys for her dh's family and always finds good deals and things that are different at 50% off. Sometimes she adds a small gift card to them that way the kids have best of both worlds, a gift to open and a gift card to buy something they want.

    Happy New Year to you and Bailey!!

  4. Thank you, Mary Lou. That's a great deal on the cat litter. I would have stocked up too. I hope you have a terrific New Year too and are very blessed in 2018. :)


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