Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Frugal Weekend

I made $11.95 on an item I sold on Ebay this weekend. This was for an item I paid $10 for to use myself, but it ended up not working, so I was able to recoup my money for the item, which is good. 

We went thrift shopping on Saturday. I found a bag full of gift bags for 99¢. There were 10 gift bags in the lot, so they ended up being 10¢ each. 

Even with thrift stores you really have to watch the prices. I found these gift bags at the Salvation Army thrift store. The ones at the Provident thrift store were priced starting at 99¢ each, so it really pays to check prices even with thrift stores. 

I also found a Charles Panter Griscer Deluxe food grinder for $9.95. I love that this is non-electric. I have fond memories of a lady that I knew years ago who would make carrot salad with one of these. 

I also found a Roseville Robinson Ransbottom crock for $1.99. These are so beautiful to me and I find them very useful to store things. I have one on my desk that holds pens and scissors. 

One of the items I was looking for was flannel, but I didn't find any in the price range I was willing to pay, so I will keep looking for that item. 

My Mom requested flannel pajama bottoms for Christmas, so I am looking for a deal on them. In the meantime I found a pattern for them for 10¢ at the thrift store, so I picked that up. If I find flannel at a good price before Christmas, I will make her some. Otherwise, I am still looking for a good deal on them. 

We are staying home today as my daughter has school work and I have several things I want to do at home. I hope you are having a great weekend.  :)

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. You got some wonderful purchases. Love, love, love the grinder and the crock.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Some great finds! My parents had a metal meat grinder that would be clamped onto the kitchen table. NOw I wonder whatever happened to it!

  3. You are so right, even at thrift stores things can be expensive. I hope you will find a good deal on flannel before Christmas.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the food grinder and the crock.

    When you are checking the thrift stores, check for flannel sheets....a good sized sheet will make pajamas (and then some) with no problems.

    1. Thank you, Shara. I was looking thru the flannel sheets, but didn't find any that weren't worn, but I will continue looking since that would be a perfect thing to use. Thanks!

  5. Good shopping. I have fond memories of that grinder. My mom had one, I don't have it unfortunately. But it made the best ham salad. That sticks in my mind, but I also remember her grinding up the end of the roast beef and making hash. Have fun, there are so many good things you can make with it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bailey!

    1. Oh wow, those sound like great ideas, Mary Lou. Thank you. My Mom likes ham salad too. I can make her some with this. :)

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. :)

  6. I went to ONE store for Black Friday and bought only a few things:

    Blanket ($9.99) for our bed, to replace the ancient one* that is disintegrating (I got one for my niece, too, but she is paying me back)
    Two fleece throws with fun designs ($2.99 each), also for my niece to give to her kids as Christmas gifts (she's paying me back for these as well)
    Pair of Isotoner slippers ($12) for me - soooo comfortable!
    Three packages of bacon ($3.99 each, which is a good price up here)

    I'll be writing a check to my childhood church, since my dad requested that for Christmas vs. getting more things. Other than that, my holiday shopping will be covered by gift cards from rewards programs, some "Free Friday Download" purchases from Kroger (stocking stuffers), a few things I brought back from a conference (fun things for my nephews and niece) and a gift card I won in a raffle at my hairdresser's (for a local burger joint that my BFF loves, so she'll be getting that).

    I like to give gifts, but need to keep the costs low so I can meet my financial goals. My partner and I aren't giving each other anything unless it has a "stirring tale of thrift" attached -- he's as frugal as I am. :-)

    It's nice to be finished shopping.

    *Since it still has SOME wear in it, we folded it and sealed it tightly in a plastic bag. Now it's in the back of the Subaru in case of emergencies, e.g., we come upon someone who's been in an accident and needs to be kept warm until help arrives. (Yep, I overthink things.)

    1. That's great that you are finished shopping, Donna. I'm glad you found someone who is as thrifty as you are, that's great. I'm almost finished, but not yet. I still have one or two things to buy and then I'll be done. :)


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