Thursday, November 2, 2017

Final Frugal Week October 2017

Over the weekend I made some popcorn to take along with a sandwich for lunches this week since popcorn is cheaper than potato chips.

I also made up some lime jello and poured them over canned pears to make some jello fruit cups for lunches this week. I used the juice from the pears for the cold water to make the gelatin.

I made the popcorn on our electric stovetop, and turned the burner off early using the residual heat to finish the popping process. I often turn the burner off early when cooking for this reason.

I made a batch of my Mexican Rice for dinner on Sunday and combined it with some Cauliflower Taco Meat I had in the freezer. I served it over tortilla chips and topped it with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

On Monday I used some of the same mixture and added canned tomatoes and pinto beans, turning it into chili and made chili tacos with it.

Other dinners this week included chicken enchiladas using up some of the chicken I bought on sale recently, salmon patties served with green beans, onions and potatoes, and roasted carrots.

On Tuesday I spent some time sewing as I am working on making some Christmas presents right now.
I got started on my Christmas shopping over the weekend.
I listed five things for sale on eBay this week and sold two of them by the end of the week helping to create some more income.

I worked four days last week and took lunch from home with water to drink all four days.

Tuesday is Halloween and since we have no trick or treaters come to our house since we live in rural area, we do not have to buy any candy. So, no money spent for candy or costumes here.

I made some pumpkin muffins using a boxed cake mix and some canned pumpkin. These items were lingering in the pantry, so it was good to use them up. I also made a chocolate cake and packed individual slices into containers to take with lunches this week.

Save a Lot had onions on sale Friday and Saturday only priced at 99¢ for a three-pound bag. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them at that price, so I bought six bags or 18 pounds. I brought them home and put them in panty hose and hung them in the pantry.

It was raining on Saturday, so we knew yard sales would be a bust, but we did go to one church rummage sale. They had a 25¢ clothing room and we picked out several things to both use and resell.

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. What a great week!!!
    Every single food item you mentioned sounded so yummy!
    what a frugal week.

    1. Awww..thank you, Cheryl. :)

      Blessings to you too.

  2. Love your idea with the jello. Thats awesome. I will have to try that with the canned fruit. Saves so much money taking lunches from home. :) Have a great rest of the week, I always look forward to your post. :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah. The jello cups are very refreshing. Take Care. :)

  3. Sounds like a very frugal week, Belinda! I love the sound of chili tacos.
    I hope that you have a great weekend!

  4. Thank you, Lili. The Chili Tacos are something my grandmother used to make and then my Mom and now me. We love them. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend too.

  5. The jello reminded me of my mom. I was never a jello fan, but a good memory and if you like it, great idea for a change of pace item for lunches.

  6. I never think of making individual jello cups, but that is a great idea. Thanks!

  7. Belinda,

    I just stumbled on your blog. I love the way you made popcorn on the electric stove top, it reminds me of how my folks used to do it. I think soon I'll try it over a campfire, now that its getting cold. Keep saving. Cheers. Tom

    1. So glad to have you come and visit, Tom. We do like stove made on the electric stove top. My Mom & Dad always used to make it that way when we were growing up too. I've not tried it over a campfire, I hope it turns out well. You keep saving too, Tom. :)


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