Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saving Money on Garbage Bags

Pictured above is a package of toilet paper that we normally purchase. The package holds 36 double rolls, so the outer package is rather large. Here is what it looks like empty:

This is large enough to line our garbage can in the bathroom, so naturally I use these to save money on real garbage bags. 

I also use plastic bags from the grocery store, provided they are the large ones, to line our garbage can with. I usually only get those around the holidays like Christmas. 

This is another small way we save money here. 

Do you have any ideas to share on how you save on garbage bags?

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  1. Belinda, I do the same as you, repurposing bulk toilet paper plastic outer wrapping/packaging as a trash basket liner. I usually have Aldi's brand. : ) I repurpose store plastic bags for the smaller waste baskets and reurpose larger bags such as those from cat food cereal, ice melt. I buy Alid's 13 gallon tall kitchen garbage bags. All of the smaller waste baskets are emptied (tie the filled bags shut) into this larger garbage bag before storing it in the garage until trash day. As a family of 6, we create little "trash" which is great as I am charged 20 cents/lb. We compost and recycle heavily. On average, we have less than 40 lbs trash a month. the average American individual creates 4.3 lbs trash/day or 129 lbs month. That would be 774 lbs for us! Very happy to report in what little we do create! : )

  2. I should add that I have a second, tall kitchen bin in the kitchen, also lined with the same 13 gallon sized trash bags, for recycling. I did trash/recycling on Feb 28th. Already, we have 2 bags full of recycling. I empty the bags into a large bin at the recycling/transfer station and reuse my bags. Since there is nothing wet/smelly in our trash, once these bags are really in rough shape, I decide to use them for the actual trash.

    1. Such great tips, Carol. I like the one about using the recycling bags for actual trash eventually. We do reuse our recycling bags over and over again. Definitely helps to save money. :)

  3. We use small trash cans in several places throughout the house. A couple of our cans have "lips" for the handles of store purchase bags (like Walmart bags) to hang over and the ones that don't I use a rubber band around the top to hold them. We use 13 gallon trash bags in the kitchen that I buy from places like Aldi or Sam's Club. For the recycling can (indoors) I use one bag as long as I can. Our recycling pick up does not want things in bags for the large (outdoor) can.

  4. I use the grocery store ones for the kitchen garbage bin. The oversized bags I use for the regular garbage bin.

  5. Because my city gives each household a 90-gallon roll bin and charges $24 monthly for once-a-week pick-up, reducing trash removal cost is impossible; however, we use anything and everything plastic reusable for "trash bags" that we then transfer to our rolling bin.

    With numerous containers throughout the house, we save disposable plastic bags. A family with prostate, kidney, and bladder problems requires more small disposable bags daily. Maintaining a pleasant fragrance and avoiding offensive odors, as well as being constantly sanitary is habit.

    Needing to avoid bacteria/germs, we do not reuse bags, but we are always on the lookout for ways to reuse plastic bags as small as those offered in produce areas of shops, stores, farmer's markets, or just anywhere. Aldi and Save-A-Lot mostly sell the cheapest plastic bags, but we use plastic bags from any store as long as we are the first ones to use them.

    Health care needs require many more plastic bags. Any ideas you have are welcome.


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