Monday, March 2, 2015

The Weekend Report

The English Rose Tea Room

My daughter and I spent Friday afternoon having tea at The English Rose Tea Room in Chattanooga. We enjoyed a tea pot of English Breakfast tea and for lunch she had the the assorted finger sandwiches which included salmon mousse, egg salad, cucumber & cream cheese, and cheese & tomato. I had the Ploughman's Lunch which included cheeses, salad, potato & leek soup, crusty roll, and assorted British pickles. They sat us next to the fireplace and it was a delightful afternoon. 

Tomato Sale

On Friday my daughter and I made a trip to Publix to stock up on their Hunt's buy one get one free tomato sale. While I was cooking one day this week I noticed that my canned tomato supply was seriously low. 

Publix has had them on sale for the past two weeks, so I bought twenty of the twenty-eight ounces cans to restock the pantry yesterday. These should last me six months or longer. I also bought four pounds of elbow macaroni, since I was out, because it was also buy one get one free. My pantry shelves look much better with all those tomatoes there. 

Back to School

Students went back to school today, so I'm happy about being able to work again. Although I am not working today, I am scheduled to work the next three days. 

One of my friends, who also subs, texted me this morning to tell me she was called to sub this morning. She mentioned that before she got called to sub, she had planned on going shopping while she could be by herself, but would not be able to today.

That got me to thinking...

As you may recall, one of my goals this year is to avoid consumerism. In the past I have also gone shopping for pleasure, which is something I am working on eliminating in my life. I've had a real attitude shift here lately. I don't like living paycheck to paycheck. I want a cushion to fall back on when times are lean. One of the ways to do that is to hold onto the money I have or have coming in and only buy the essentials. Think about each purchase beforehand and if I don't really need it, don't buy it. 

I mentioned last week that I wanted to go to Sam's Club, but I knew I would have to renew my membership and I decided not to do that. I'm going to wait until I get a free pass, make a list of only essentials we need, and go then. 

As I was driving my daughter to school today, I thought to myself that we needed some butter, but we have margarine here, so I decided against stopping because I know  I would have bought other things too, so I decided against stopping. I want to save my money and not spend it. I want to use what I have here instead of spending my precious money. I'm going to save it for things I really need to buy. 

Breakfast this morning was sausage biscuits from the freezer for my daughter along with some fruit while I had oatmeal, also from the freezer, and some fruit. 

Once I dropped her off and came home, I made some phone calls and then got started making dinner. I have some Mexican Rice cooking in the pressure cooker. When that is done I'm going to add some chili beans and cheese and stuff some beautiful peppers that I got this weekend. 

The cheese and peppers are from our free food source. I have about two servings of mashed potatoes and gravy in the refrigerator that I will serve with that and also the last of the carrot raisin salad. There will be no eating out or buying anything extra. We will stay home and use up what we have here. We have plenty of food on hand to make meals without spending any money. 

Of course, each person has to decide for him or herself which is the best way to handle his or her money. Mine is a continual work in progress. 

In Conclusion, 

Blogs I've Been Reading this Week

Down to Earth ~ A beautiful blog written by a lady & how her housework fulfills her. 

Table Talk ~ Five things to remember when money is tight.

Until later, 

Live simply by not spending money you don't have.
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Anonymous said...

Oh I love this post, it's so much in sync with my own adventure ! I'll be checking out these two blogs too. Have a nice week !

Belinda said...

Thank you, you too. :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I had a big baking afternoon today, to stop me buying cookies from the store. I am like you trying to stop popping into stores to pick the odd thing up. If you have time you should pop by my blog as I posted some recipes today and there will be more tomorrow.

Gill in Southern Ontario

Belinda said...

I will definitely be there, Gill. :)

CTMOM said...

THe English tea room sounds like great fun! You are wise to rethink impulses. Finances are a bit constrained here, as I await delayed reimbursement, so we make do. I am blessed to be debt free, with $ in the bank. So true, a cushion in an emergency (such as my unexpected month on unpaid sick leave a year ago).is a relief.

Belinda said...

Thank you, Carol, it was fun. :) I feel for you waiting on being reimbursed for money owed to you. That has to be a tough situation to be in. So glad you are debt free with money in the bank for a cushion if needed. My only debt right now is my student loan, and I intended to keep it that way until I am debt free from that too. :)

thyme2Bthrifty said...

With loving connections and memories to Chattanooga, being with you and DD would have been my pleasure at The English Rose Tea Room. May sweet memories remain.

Pantries stacked to assure future meals remind me of my grandmother's cellar shelves with her canned jars of food for winter. When you have time, tell us how your new freezer is aiding storage.

Belinda said...

We would have loved to have you with us during our tea! :)

I love my new freezer. I was given 5 loaves of bread the other day and was able to keep them in the new freezer. Normally, I would have had to share them with others and while we will still do that, it's nice to be able to keep a loaf or two. :)

thyme2Bthrifty said...

The years we lived in Chattanooga were our only ones to be surrounded by mountains. The tea house opened 30 years after DD2 was born in Chattanooga. The city's aquarium has excellent reviews, but it is a more recent attraction, and we have not toured. I am happy that you have easy access to Chattanooga, and Iwould have tea with you. :)

My freezers have taught me much about food prep and not wasting. Thankful that you have one to meet your needs. Using the right containers for foods and knowing how to pack a freezer can double capacity. I have done it.

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