Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Credit Card?

This will be a quick blog post today as we are on Spring Break this week. 

My daughter has an awards program coming up at school and we've been looking for an outfit for her to wear to the event. We ended up at the mall yesterday and did find an appropriate outfit for her. While she was trying the outfit on, the sales person was already trying to get me to open up a charge account with them. I politely declined her offer and told her we would be paying cash for our purchase.  

While she was ringing our purchase up at the cash register she again asked us if we wanted to open a charge account with them and I politely declined again and told her we were paying cash today. She was determined to get us to open a credit card with them, but I stood firm. Credit cards can be a useful tool, but they can also get a lot of people into trouble financially if they are not used with discipline. 

Live simply by not spending money you don't have.
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  1. some companies make more on interest charges on their company charge accounts than on the profit on their merchandise. Most notable are car companies.
    And store cards are notorious for being high interest affairs.
    The only store card I have is a Kohl's charge which is used infrequently and paid off that month charges are incurred.
    Be strong!

  2. I sometimes think these stores have no idea how to handle it when someone wants to pay in cash. I have to admit I do have and use charge cards, but I never charge more than can be paid off when the bill arrives. I'm sure the credit card companies aren't happy with me.

  3. I hit send too fast. I wanted to add "Congratulations to your dd."

  4. Congratulations to DD and lots of smiles wished for her.

    As for credit cards, whichever ones we use are paid in full monthly, and a reward or reduction is given us.

    Have a $100 gift card for Kohl's as well as a 30% off coupon. Must have a credit card for the deal. I only shop Kohl's with a 30% coupon and know in advance that purchase does not cost more than elsewhere. In the past, Kohl's has sold identical bed pillows for twice the price as Bed Bath and Beyond, for example.

  5. I totally agree with that; store credit cards sent me in a lot of trouble especially as here they're associated with cash dispensing ! x


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