Sunday, March 22, 2015

Deb Clothing Store Going Out of Business Sale

Deb Clothing Stores are closing nationwide. They recently closed their online site and moved all that merchandise into the stores, which is now 80 to 90% off the original price. 

I read online that each store will close when all inventory is gone. Today is the last day in our local store. If you have one near you I would check it out. 

We went yesterday and my daughter bought six shirts for $13, and one of them was 88¢. They are also selling jewlery, and any office supplies that they used in their stores, so it would be worth it to check it out.  :)

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  1. Oh wow! This is a sad sort of nostalgia for me. My best friend and I shopped there almost exclusively in middle school (well I shopped there with her... I never felt small enough to wear their clothes).

    Even so, great head up! Thanks.

  2. Goggling, I learned that my metro has Deb Clothing but not in areas where I shop.

    Terrific deals for your DD. Keep up the good work!

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