Thursday, December 27, 2012


IGA coupon

Coupons can be found in many different places like the coupon pictured above. I found this coupon on our local IGA website. The coupon changes every week and they only offer one coupon per week. Is it worth my time to print the coupon out and use it? Honestly, it depends on what product is being offered. If it's something I know I will use it's definitely worth my time. Be sure to check out every available resource for coupons because sometimes you will find them in an unlikely spot.

I drive by this grocery store five days a week and usually stop in to check out the sale items anyway. This week's coupon was definitely worth it...a four pack of Angel Soft Toilet paper being offered for 25¢. I combined this run with several other errands and went right by the store, so this was a good deal for me.

Other deals I found there included:

One package of Clementines in the produce marked down bin for $1.49:

Pita Bread marked down to 90¢ per package. These will make good pizzas for lunch one afternoon.

Other items I picked up there today included a gallon of milk for $3.89. Ouch, but much better the the $5 gallon of milk being offered at Bi-Lo.  The news media is reporting that the price of milk may increase in the New Year. I certainly hope it doesn't.

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Hermione1017 said...

nice post!!

CTMOM said...

Great deals, Belinda. Wise to pick them up when you can, especially if doing so means no extra gas is involved, you were driving right by anyway!

Belinda said...

Thank you, Carol. I agree...combining errands is the best way. :)

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