Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coinstar & iTunes

One of the "perks" of cleaning out my Mother's room was finding a lot of loose change in various places in her room. With my Mother's blessing, we added this to our Coinstar coin Sherpa, which we received as a freebie last summer. 

Now I would not normally use a Coinstar machine to count my change since they charge over 9% for counting your coins. But, I recently learned they will not charge a fee if you decide on a gift card instead. I was going to exchange my coins for a Bi-Lo gift card, but when I got there they didn't offer a Bi-Lo card as an option, even though the website says Bi-Lo is one the options. 

What to do? What to do?

My daughter loves iTunes and I had an iTunes gift card on my Christmas list for her, so I decided to buy my daughter an iTunes card for part of her Christmas. Turns out I had $42.56 worth of change in my coin Sherpa. Even I was surprised at how much was in the bag.

Guess what else happened?

 Right now, Coinstar is running a special offer through December 9, 2012. Anytime you pour $40 into one of the Coinstar machines, they will add an extra $10 to your iTunes gift card. 

Wow, what a great deal! :)

So, I ended up getting her an iTunes gift card for $52.63 just from some loose change that was laying around and I was able to cross one gift off my Christmas list. 

Needless to say, I was a very happy camper. 

How about you? Have you been getting any of your Christmas shopping done?

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  1. Pretty cool how you navigated thru the red tape to come out ahead of this. Your DD will be very happy with the i-tunes card. SHopping? it's ever more limited, but I did pick up a few things a few weeks ago, and i was out in earnest today, crossing items off of my list. Just the 4 kids and Mom to shop for, which helps. I did pick up 2 token gifts for the twins to give their Dad. Older 2, they are on their own. I will also get small things for them to gift their siblings. I'll say that I am about 1/2 way done.

    1. 1/2 way done is good, Carol. :) I'm gifting Mom & Dad, daughter, and her other Grandfather & Grandmother. Nice of you to pick up gifts for the twins to give their Dad. I did that back when dd's dad was around. One time we got him one of those glass handled clear mugs at the Dollar Tree for the freezer and a large bottle of Root Bear. It was a $2 gift and he really liked it.

  2. Oh, your daughter is going to LOVE this! Great job!

    Yes, I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping completed. I make a stop on Mondays and a stop on Fridays and try to get something for someone each stop. I am hoping with this strategy I can be done a week or two early this year. I am also wrapping one afternoon per week. I put on some Christmas music, make a pot of Christmas tea and have my own little wrapping party.

    1. Thank you, Lili. :) Oh, I like your idea of the Christmas party! I need to do that this year too. Our Christmas may be simpler this year, but it can still be meaningful. Great idea. :)

  3. we save our change too - just read about your medicine cost, they are expensive, we pay 69p for a pack of 20 anti-histemines so 3.5p each

    1. That is a good cost for your anti-histamines, Frugal Queen. :)

  4. You got a good deal there.
    I've never used coinstar. We do save our change then bag it up and take it to the bank, but they're limited on how many bags they can take.

    1. Our bank used to have a coin sorter, but they recently switched locations and I'm not sure if they still have the machine or not. It's a nice way of getting it taken care of without having to roll it all at once. :)

  5. That’s the same thing I get after cleaning the entire house, especially my kids’ room. I can’t believe that I was able to collect hundreds of dollars' worth of loose change and coins hidden under sofas and sheets! I wrapped the coins and saved them in our bank account, which serves as our emergency fund. ->Harriett Faulks


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