Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bi-Lo Grocery Run

Made a grocery store run to Bi-Lo on Saturday. They offer e-coupons on the Bi-Lo Bonus Card now. Shoppers can check the website for specific coupons and then load them onto the Bonus Card. Once you buy the product, the coupon savings reflects on your cash register receipt. There is the added bonus of combining a sale with a manufacturer's coupon with an e-coupon for added savings. 

Here is a list of the groceries I bought: 

- Hanover Green Beans (24 ounce) 99¢ after sale and e-coupon
- 2 Hellman's Mayonnaise $2.64 each after B1G1F sale and e-coupon
- 2 Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage - on sale for 2/$5.00
- 2 Hillshire Farms Little Smokies - $2.50 each after B1G1F sale
- 3 Borden (8 ounce) Cheddar Cheese - $1.83 each after combining sale, e-coupon & manufacture coupon

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  1. WOW! FANTASTIC deals! I am also a Bi-lo member, but can only take advantage of that when I am in SC, visiting Mom. I also miss Kroger-they have great marked downs, including dairy, which is never done here in CT. Different laws perhaps?

    1. Thank you, Carol. :) Could be different laws, and I miss Kroger too. We could use one when we lived in Pikeville, but not here. They are getting ready to build a Publix in the next town over. I am really looking forward to it because of the good deals I've heard about Publix deals, but so far have been unwilling to make the 85 mile round trip. Closer to home will be better.

  2. We have a BJ's opening soon, within my shopping loop, which is NOT in this $$$ town. : ) Many offers for free 2 month trials, which I may take advantage of.

    1. Oh, that would be nice, Carol. I would definitely go and see what is a good deal for you during those free 2 months.

  3. I bought some smoked sausage for the first time in months and now it's only 13 ounces. It looked very small. How long has it been 13 ounces? I don't buy it very often and you did better than I did. I paid $2.99 for mine. Although that was a deal, Stop and Shop had the nerve to ask $4.49 for the same sausage.

    We don't have Bi-Lo in my area, but you caught some great deals. Good going Belinda.

    1. Thank you, Mary Lou. It has been 13 ounces for a while now. I noticed it too, it is much smaller than it used to be, unfortunately. $2.99 is still a good price. It makes a good dinner in a pinch and is much less expensive than eating out. :)


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