Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Maintenance

This is a picture of our bathtub and specifically the shower door frame, which was recently taken off, cleaned, and then re-caulked.

My sister and her family came to our home during the week of Thanksgiving to help us with our Mother. My brother in law is a very hard worker and handy with tools, so he did a lot of work while they were here repairing little things around the house.

One of the things he took care of were the shower doors. They had been in place for 26 years and the caulk around them was worn out, falling out, and also dirty looking. The frame for the shower had begun to move whenever we closed it instead of staying in place like it should have done. 

My BIL actually removed the shower doors and took them outside for a good scrubbing. He then removed the frame for the shower door and scrubbed it as well. Afterwards, he re-caulked the frame and put it back in place.  

The picture hardly does it justice, but I will tell you that it looks terrific and is so much better than the old caulk, which had served its purpose well, but was way past due for this needed work.

Taking care of small repairs around the home may help you from a bigger repair job later. If we had let the shower door go any longer it could have fallen off the bathtub while one of us was getting ready for school or work and wouldn't that have been a nightmare? 

By taking care of small problems now, you will save money in the long run. You will also avoid the time and inconvenience of being forced to do major home repairs. That is a win- win situation to me. :)

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  1. That's really great, Belinda! And you're right, fixing a problem while it's still small is a lot easier than trying to fix it once it's grown.


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