Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saving Money on a Limited Income

From the America Saves Blog...

Russell Jackson never considered himself a saver, but ended up creating a $500 emergency fund while on unemployment. Here is what he had to say about trying to live on a limited income:

 Even on a limited income, like unemployment, he found ways to save. Russell never realized how everyday expenses add up. "Eating my meals at home, using coupons when I do shop, and using the public library for books and DVDs have been my biggest money savers. I’m doing the same activities and eating the same food.  The only difference is that I’m saving money instead of wasting it,"

Read the rest of his story:

Update July 28, 2016:

Unfortunately, this link is now broken and you will not be able to read the rest of Russell Jackson's story. 

From Unemployed to American Saver

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