Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Month of Free Groceries?

The Family Balance Sheet says if we stop wasting food in our homes to the tune of $600 a year it would be enough to have a free month's worth of groceries. 

Check out the article here:

A Month of Free Groceries

What do you think?

Living Within Our Means

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  1. Belinda, I absolutely agree with the author. I take great pains to watch leftovers, and perishables in my home. Freezer bucket for leftovers bits of veggies,plastic tubs of homemade stock made out of meat bones, a bag of bread heels, 2 cup bags of cooked meats are also great meal savers. Need a quick dinner? take the aforementioned and make a sauce out of the stock, add gravy, the veggies and you have a great base to a casserole or a sauce to serve over a starch. It's a free meal. Do WE sometimes waste food? absolutley, no one is perfect, but I really do try! today's crockpot spaghetti sauce includes 4 soft tomatoes-too soft for serving in a salad, they are diced and will be wonderful tonight over pasta.


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