Sunday, June 10, 2018

Yard Sale Saturday ~ 6-9-2018

Here's what we bought on yard sale Saturday this week...

Two huge books of scrapbook paper $1.00 each
(Sherlock photobombed)

One high powered fan - $3.00

Adorable Canvas Fabric - $2.00

 Harry Potter Blanket $1.00
For my Harry Potter lover, Bailey

Keyboard for my iPad or Cell Phone - $1.00

This was the sight of the honey hole today. Bailey was able to buy about $500 worth of Maurice's clothing for 25¢ a piece. She paid a total of $9.25. 

On Friday we visited 14 yard sales and 24 on Saturday. One thing we noticed was at two separate yard sales they were selling receiving blankets (which I use to sew) for $1.00 each. We wouldn't pay that price as we've bought too many for 25¢ and 50¢. 

The secret to getting the best prices is going to multiple sales. If someone is charging too much, don't buy. Wait until you find a sale with your best price in mind. Bailey did that today with the yard sale that had Maurice's clothing for 25¢. Those good sales are still out there to be found even in 2018. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Great deals again this week. I went to some sales Friday, but don't often go out. I went to a neighborhood sale - I like those best. I just hate driving all around to various sales any more.
    You always do great.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. We love the neighborhood sales too as you can get out and walk around. :)

  2. Shows you how "out of it" fashion wise I am.....I had to google Maurice's. lolz Does that stuff sell well secondhand?
    I need to get off my down-in-the-dumps butt and get some stuff around here sold online. ;-)

    1. I was very surprised at how well clothing sells online. You could have blown me over with a feather.

      Bailey follows States Place.

      Here is a link to their YouTube channel -

      This is how she learned to buy clothes and resell them. She had 7 sales yesterday. She makes more money than I do subbing, so I know there is something to it.

      You can do it, Sluggy!

    2. Sub teaching induces much stress and practically no pay, I warned one of my kiddos. Plus, job was not needed. You did not ask for opinions, but Bailey may be presenting an easier way to add money to your household without subbing. Have the tables turned with Bailey's teaching her mother? You have taught her well through the years.

    3. Bailey and I have had this discussion many times this summer, Anna. And it's true, subbing is hard and stressful. We are definitely having this conversation in our home. She is teaching me a lot about reselling.

    4. Oh Belinda, I tried to watch that reseller video but her voice....lolz
      I use to sell on eBay years ago when my kids were younger and I needed to be at home more than at a low paying job. The reselling market has change a lot since then but if you are motivated and can find the worthwhile items it is a good place to earn some $$$.

    5. LOL, Sluggy.

      It is a good place to earn some extra money for sure.

  3. You found great deals. I really like the $3 fan. I was looking for one for months and still couldn't find one at a garage sale or at a thrift store.

    1. My daughter was ready to go out and buy one at the retail price, Nil. It was a lucky find for sure. I don't know why people sell fans when it is so hot. The price of the Lakewood fans on Ebay is unreal especially when you include the shipping.


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