Thursday, June 14, 2018

Items Left Behind at Bonnaroo

Remember when Amy Dacyczyn wrote about the differences in what people left behind in the 1969 Woodstock and then later in the 1994 Woodstock? 

She said that a great deal of useful stuff was left behind in the 1994 Woodstock when that was not the case in the 1969 where very little stuff was left behind. 

Bonnaroo is a music and arts festival held here in Tennessee for several days. People set up tents and camp out for the time the festival is held. 

One of the local businesses in Chattanooga went to the Bonnaroo sight in Manchester this week after the festival was over and canvassed the area and brought back a trailer full of useful items. 

They are selling the items and donating the profits to charity. Here is a photo of their yard sale and some of the useful items left behind. 

My daughter and I went to the yard sale and couldn't believe the brand new stuff that was left behind and up for sale. 

Hundreds of brand new chairs, coolers, tents, grills, tent awnings, etc. It was unbelievable!

We didn't buy anything because it was raining and muddy and we didn't bring appropriate gear for that mess. 

It was shocking to me to see all those useful items left behind, but I was glad to see someone get those items and hopefully put them into the hands of someone who will use them again. 

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  1. I can’t even grasp leaving behind such items! I remember in the 90’s when Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) died, there was a memorial gathering at a park near my apartment. Several of us went to the park after the event ended and scavenged many items, mostly clothing. Those coolers on wheels with the drain plug are currently $25 at Walmart. I’d love to have one for the convenience but continue to schlep my big, heavy one with no drain because it works.

    1. That's great that you all went and scavenged the items you did after the Jerry Garcia memorial, Vanessa. It's unreal what was left behind here. Hopefully it will all get sold and reused again.

  2. Oh wow, I can't understand why people leave behind good items. What a waste of resources. Good for the people who arrange the sale.

    1. Yes, I think it's terrific that they did this, Nil.

  3. I am so glad that group scavenged the good stuff and held the sale for charity.
    What annoys me is that many people say they care about the environment, want to live in tiny houses to leave a small carbon footprint, and "say" lots of things along that line, and then leave a huge mess like at Bonnaroo.
    Being frugal is SO green.��

    1. Ellie, that is so very true!

    2. I agree, Ellie...being frugal is green. I’m grateful to those who were willing to get out there in the heat and sort thru all that including garbage to get the good stuff.

  4. Bonnaroo is a huge festival now and if you fly to get there and purchase supplies for the weekend (Not much is there for lodging and food) it is probably cheaper to leave large things behind rather than paying excess/oversize baggage fees. I am just glad that someone picks them up and resells then donates to charity. It is too bad the organizers don't have a specific donation site for people to leave things they can't take home with them. (Or maybe they do. I am not in the Bonnaroo demo and have never been)

  5. I hadn’t even thought of that, Anne. That people could be flying in now.

    That would be a great idea to have a donation sight.

  6. Holy cooler-o-Rama Batman!

  7. Such waste. Glad they are being sold so someone can get use out of them.


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