Friday, June 29, 2018

Frugal Friday ~ June 29, 2018

On Saturday our power was out for seven hours due to a thunderstorm. Towards the end of that time I was ready to get in the car for some cold a/c and go somewhere for something ice cold to drink, but I resisted. 

I'm keeping an eye on our meter reading on the electric company's website. I expect to see a drastic drop in the amount of kilowatts we used on Saturday due to the power outage. 

We vacuumed both window air conditioners this week and took apart the fans and washed the cages very well. We do this on a monthly basis at least during this time of year. 

This immediately made a difference in how the acs were cooling and how the fans were moving air. 

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We were at a thrift store last week when the cashier made an announcement that they had just received some Build a Bears and they were available at the front of the store. 

There were two shopping carts full of them and they were going for $2.00 each. 

Now I don't know the circumstances behind this donation, but I was surprised that someone would donate these. 

My daughter treasured her childhood trip to Build a Bear and still has her bear, not wanting to part with Patches and the memories that go along with him. 

All of our meals were cooked at home this week as usual. 

On Wednesday we went to town to run errands and I brought food and drinks, but started getting hungry before we were done. 

Combining errands to save money can sometimes take longer than expected. We resisted getting any fast food, but went home and had lunch there instead. 

This is one of the keys to leading a frugal life ~ being disciplined when it comes to spending money. We have very specific goals we are saving for and don't want any unnecessary spending to get in the way of those goals. 

We continue to find things we need at yard sales, rummage sales, and thrift stores. 

My daughter recently expressed interest in having a pair of knee pads for certain activities. We found a pair this week at a church rummage sale for 50¢. 

She also suggested finding a litter pan for three kittens and we found one a new one this week for 50¢ also. 

She has made the comment a few times this summer that when she buys something retail she oftentimes finds it at a yard sale afterwards. 

And it's probably related to the fact that we go to so many yard sales, but we enjoy it and it saves us money, which is a win-win situation. 

We have had thunderstorms every day this week. Our driveway is a mess from all the rain. We'll be looking at the least expensive option to fix it this weekend. 

I had a large medical bill from January where I was offered a deal to pay 50% and get 50% off my balance. I paid my half on June 6th and called on the 28th and they still hadn't written off the other half, so I will stay on top of this to make sure the other half gets removed. 

How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. I am currently on the lookout for a bread machine and thought I would do the garage sale thing hoping to find one. Unlike you, I don't enjoy them so it becomes a chore to go, plus I am in a major purging instead of accruing things. It is interesting to see how many things I no longer want or need, while the list of things I do actually want or need is so minimal. I think it is all about the empty nest and being older.

  2. Oh definitely, Anne. I read this morning that when we are young we work to acquire things, but when we are older we work to get rid of them. Bread machines are a dime a dozen at the thrift stores, so you may want to look there. :)

  3. Hi Belinda,
    Your week sounds productive and frugal.
    We try to always bring food/water with us when out running errands, too. There are so many tempting choices for quick snacks when out running errands. I try to make whatever I do bring just as interesting. Being prepared helps with willpower, and resisting expenses that I wasn't planning on.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Belinda!

  4. Lili, I try to make what food I bring interesting too, but have to admit that is not as easy as it seems. I really want to get some thermoses to keep hot food in as I think that would make it more interesting, so I am saving up for those. I see the plastic ones at yard sales and thrift stores, but I've had hot food in them and been unable to open them due to the suction. Even strong men could not open one. LOL I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  5. it sounds like a darn good week. Wow, on the price of the bears. What a find.
    So sorry you had to be without power for so long in this heat. UGH!
    it sounds like you daughter is some what of a good luck charm - mention and it shall be!!!

    1. Ha Ha, that's funny, Cheryl. I will have to tell her you said that. :)
      It was definitely hot with no a/c. We were so happy when it came back on!

  6. Air conditioners must be cleaned. Next-door neighbor's lawn service uses a riding mower weekly that sends piles of grass into our whole-house unit. Requires DH almost one hour weekly to clean the air conditioner after lawn service finishes. Thermostat must be set lower to cool house until DH cleans the unit. Sorry about your lack of cooling. It is hot this summer.

    For years at 4 p. m., I checked electric, gas, and water readings. Then I would check how utilities had been used and amended use to lower usage. Now, our way of cooking and baking have been altered with using electric roaster to cook and bake outside. Yay for crock pots, rice cookers, electric steamers, too.

    Give you a hooray for every thrift find.

    1. Thank you, Anna. Checking everyday is a great way to see how much usage your household has been using. Amazon sells a plug in metr that can tell you what appliances use exactly and how to cut own on usage. Mr. Money Mustache and Get Rich Slowly have both written blog articles on those. Every little bit helps. :)

  7. Sorry your power went out. :( Mine did too in 115 heat index. Luckily we were only thirty minutes but several others in town were out for hours. Our utility company broke something when they were repairing.

    I did eat out this week. This Spring has been about family drama's. I can say without a doubt family who are drama's can drain your frugal resources faster than a snap. DH & I finally put our foot down. Still we had bare cupboards because of all the stress. I hated eating out. I did a big shop tonight and got all sorts of new stock. I was able to find some major clearance deals so I was able to really stock up.

    Yes, I agree 1000% about discipline. DH & I reworked our goals after family drama, lol. We are all about investing & simplicity. DH & I are going to be doing some major investing so we want all our extra money to go to that.

    Was told using the library I am stealing from the government this week. Person who told me this has $42,000 in credit card debt alone.

    I agree about shopping used before retail. I found the perfect humidifier on an Instagram feed one day. I really needed it. I didn't mind paying $40 for it. I went thrifting before I went to Target (who had my humidifier for only $34) and what was setting in a box brand new? Humidifier! The same one. I paid $2.00.

    1. The person who is $42,000 in cc debt and telling you that you are stealing from the government should use the library to read all the personal finance books to learn how to get out of debt. :)

      Good for you for putting your foot down on the family drama. That's the best way to handle that. Glad you were able to stock up and with some clearance deals to boot. Can't beat that.

      Great deal on the humidifier!! I love it when that happens.


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