Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 2011 Child Support Update

September has come and gone and as a result I’ve been reviewing my finances. Earlier this month I posted about receiving less child support in August than the court ordered amount. Unfortunately, the child support we received in September was also less than the court ordered amount. 

Fortunately, as I posted about earlier this month, I received my first paycheck of the school year and that has made all the difference this month even leaving us with a little surplus at the end of the month, which is a good thing. 

This week I met with an attorney to discuss the issue of child support. My ex-husband is a hard worker with more than one job and there is just no reason for the child support to be less than the court ordered amount. Unfortunately, he remarried within the last year, which is when the problems began, and my attorney informs me usually when problems with issues like child support start.  My attorney has requested a retainer fee of $750 to take my ex back to court to resolve the issue. 

Fortunately for me I invested in a whole life insurance policy for my daughter when she was young. After speaking with my insurance representative I figured out that I have over $400 in dividends and can borrow the remaining $300+ against the policy to be paid back on my schedule. I made one last attempt to speak with my ex, but that proved to be unfruitful, and honestly, I am tired to asking him to pay what he owes our daughter. At this point in time he is in arrears of over $2,000.  

 I have asked the child support office repeatedly to help me fix this problem, which has also proven to be unfruitful. However, I did make one last attempt yesterday with the child support office to correct the problem. The fact is that if we went back to court, the child support would most certainly be raised, but I do not want to spend $750 for an attorney or go back to court. I have approximately seven to ten days before the check comes from the Insurance company, so that will give me time to see if my last attempt with the child support office fixes the problem. Otherwise, I see no other alternative than to take the issue back to court.

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