Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Shoes on Clearance

Since the weather has been turning cooler here, I've been looking for new shoes for the last few weeks, but haven't been able to find anything I liked and in the price range I wanted. We made a trip to Chattanooga yesterday and stopped in the Walmart in Ooltewah. We rarely ever stop at this Walmart, but I'm glad I did because I found two pair of shoes that are very comfortable and both on clearance. Both pair of shoes were $43 before the clearance price and I paid $25, which saved me $18. So, if you are on the lookout for new shoes, be sure to check out the clearance section at your local Walmart.

Now I can retire the sandals I bought for $12 at the beginning of summer.  I figure I received six months use out of them, which works out to $2 per month, which isn't too bad. I'll bring them out again next summer when the weather warms up again and save myself even more money. :)

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