Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frugal Saturday 10-1-11

This was a very good week for me because I was able to work every day, which will make for a good paycheck later this month.

Breakfasts this week were geared towards saving money and therefore made at home. They included peanut butter on toast, cherry, blueberry, or cheese pastries, which were bought at a discount at the Little Debbie thrift store, and scrambled eggs and toast. 

Lunches for my daughter are free at school because of our income, but lunches for me were packed from home every day. They included peanut butter sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, sliced cheddar cheese and crackers, canned peaches, peanut butter crackers, and always water in my own container to drink. 

Dinners this week included grilled chicken sandwiches, homemade pizza, grilled chicken salads, chicken stir fry, and one night I made grilled cheese sandwiches and opened a can of Campbell’s vegetable beef soup, which I stocked up on during a sale this summer. 

The weather here is turning cooler, which is welcome and will offer some relief from the heat and expense from running the air conditioner every day. The temperature right now is 55 degrees outside, but our home is well insulated, which saves money on heating and cooling, and is 67 degrees inside right now. 

Laundry started as soon as we got home from school yesterday and included two loads last night and two loads this morning. I’m out of fabric softener, so I made a double batch of homemade fabric softener and filled two bottles, which will last us a while. I’ve folded and put away all four loads of laundry. 

Other Saturday chores include cleaning the house and taking off garbage all done with saving money in mind. 

Gas was $3.24 per gallon when I stop and filled up my gas tank last night. There are no planned outings this weekend other than dropping off garbage, so I will have a full tank of gas on Monday morning to start the school/work week. As of right now, I am scheduled to work two days next week, but that can and usually does change on a daily basis. Combining errands helps me to save money on gas as well.  

Dinner tonight will be tacos on fresh corn tortillas with the usual toppings of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream if desired. I also plan on making a couple of gallons of sweet tea for drinks this weekend. 

That’s what our week has looked like. My blog postings have been nonexistent during the week and for that I apologize, but it is because I’m working and then busy in the evenings cooking and getting ready for the next work day, which leaves me tired and with little to no time left to spend online. I hope you all understand. How are things going with you and your family this week?

© Belinda Richardson and Frugal Workshop, 2011. 
“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without”

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