Friday, June 16, 2017

Third Frugal Week of June 2017

First thing Monday morning someone came, at my Mother's request, to pick up her van and car. She had sold both of them for salvage over the weekend. 

Neither one of them would start anymore and she decided to sell them since she was afraid of how much they would cost to try and get them fixed.
I made six more cloth pads for my daughter this week. I have now made 13 pads for her, so we are getting closer to the 35 we settled on when I started. 

I had to order more Zorb and PUL as I'm about out of both of them, but I used coupons for both purchases. 

This one was made from some pinwheel fabric she found at a yard sale last week. Of all the pads I've made her so far, this one is my favorite. 

This sock monkey fabric was actually a bandana in it's former life. My daughter loves this one.  :)

The cat material below was the scrub shirt we picked up at a yard sale earlier. 

 This pinkish material below was also a scrub shirt we picked up at a yard sale. 

I've made two Day of the Dead pads and have enough to make a third one. Day of the Dead anything is very popular right now. 

We stopped at Aldi on Wednesday and picked up the following:

2 Watermelons ~ $2.99 each
2 Blackberries ~ 99¢ each
2 pounds Strawberries ~ 99¢ each
1 cucumber ~ 49¢
4 packages sweet corn ~ $1.29 each (16 ears)
4 pounds red grapes ~ $1.98 for 2 pounds

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On Friday we went to multiple yard sales. 

Some things we picked up include:

- 4 nesting plastic containers - $2.00
- RTIC Tumbler - $1.00 - ($18.99 at Walmart) (we both have one now)
- Lilly Pulitzer shopping bag - $1.00
- 3 antique cookie jars - $13 - (going to flip these)
- 4 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, 3 swimsuits - 50¢ each
- Bag of craft items - $2.00
- Buckbeak plush animal - $1.00 new with tags - I told dd she could flip it, but she is a true Harry Potter fan and said, "no way!" ($46.57 at Walmart

Sadly we did not find any fabric today, but it rained a lot last night, so some people may not have set up. 

Other frugal things we did this week include:

- Received a free issue of Money magazine in the mail.
- Received a free taco at Taco Bell on Tuesday. 

How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Those are some really cute, fun prints!

    1. Thank you, Carol. I'm having fun making them. :)

  2. Belinda - I am so glad I don't have to worry about life with pads any more!!!!! LOL

    Great grocery finds and yard sale finds. you did great.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl :)

      You're the second reader to tell me that about the pads. LOL

  3. Your summer is much more frugal than mine has been although most of the expenses were planned even though they were large (at least I felt they were). Homeowners Insurance, car insurance, painting of three indoor areas, and unexpected a new cell phone. Of course, all necessities but still all at once is a tough one.

    I love to read about your yard sale finds. You and Bailey seem to do so well. Kudos to both of you and I hope you both continue to enjoy the summer.

    1. Thank you so much, Mary Lou :) We love to yard sale.

      Oh, those expenses like Insurance sure do stink. It's one of our biggest expenses around here. Definitely tough when it is all at once like that. Hopefully next month will be less for sure. :)

  4. Really cute pads. Hope you are having a great summer.

    1. Thank you, Patti. We are having a good summer, I hope you are too. :)

  5. I always see the cutest scrubs at thrift stores and never pick them up because I can't think of what to use them for. I am always picking up unusual clothes for fabric. Thank you for the inspiration. Even though I am almost out of my stage of life for pads I want the cute scrub patterns for other things I make.

    NO WAY YOU SELL BUCKBEAK! :) I am envious in a good way. I didn't even know there was a plush. That was your best yard sale find.

    1. You're welcome, Aiyana. I looked for scrubs today at the thrift store, but did not find any today.

      LOL...I told Bailey what you said about Buckbeak. She said, "Buckbeak has been justified!" LOL...I didn'teven know what it was when she pulled it out of the box. LOL

  6. I'm editing a project and could NOT concentrate here at home, because I'm watching my niece's dog. Rather than go to a coffee shop and spend money, I put the dog in the kennel and headed for the public library. There's a "quiet please" work area, and it doesn't cost a thing.

    Stopped to drop off some recyclables on the way and found a white laundry bag (drawstring type) full of plastic in the mixed-paper bin. After I'd put the plastic where it should have gone, I realized the bag looks completely new. It's mine now.
    We are growing quinoa for the first time and it's doing quite well. I'd read a cooperative extension article about it that said the young leaves of quinoa are edible and have the approximate flavor and nutrition of spinach.

    We each took a bite of a leaf last night. I'd say it was more akin to those edible peapods, although not as sweet.

    So today we had a frugal dinner:

    Salad with quinoa leaves, homegrown spinach and two kinds of Asian greens, chives from our yard, a bit of iceberg lettuce from the store (ours isn't heading up yet), slivered carrots, hard-cooked egg and Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes from the AeroGarden (grown from seeds saved from last year's tomatoes, and using the hydroponic base but not the lights -- Alaska is FULL of light at this time of year).

    Then we had soup, made from:
    Three kinds of broth from the freezer (we boil down vegetable scraps and any bones we have, then freeze it)
    Two diced potatoes
    One diced carrot
    About one-third of an onion
    A handful each of frozen corn and frozen peas
    Some chopped turkey from the freezer (tiny bits picked off the carcass of the last turkey we cooked and then boiled for broth -- DF will stand there, patiently picking all the bits of meat off, until we've gotten all the nutrition we can)
    A scoop of cooked quinoa in each bowl, a squirt of mustard vinegar (made by pouring leftover dill pickle brine into almost-empty mustard bottles), and we were very happy.

    The nice thing about these "boiling bag" soups is that they're never the same twice. How can they be? It's always a different batch of scraps -- and it's always delicious. More at:

    So it's been a frugal Tuesday.

    1. We often go to our library for the quiet time and free Internet too, Donna. We bring our own laptops and make a day of it. I like that it does not cost a thing.

      What a great find on the white laundry bag.

      Your dinner salad sounds great, and you are doing a bang up job of gardening. How neat. Sounds like you had a great Frugal Tuesday. Way to go!


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