Monday, June 12, 2017

Doll Quilts

Remember this video of Amy Dacyczyn? I've posted it here on the blog before and it's been seen on YouTube thousands of times. 

I recall seeing something towards the end of the video (around 4:50) that I'd always wondered about. It came to me one day that what I was seeing was doll quilts. 

Turns out Amy was making these out of patchwork pieces. 

I googled the topic and came up with this:
In 2009 Paula Gardner wrote an article on the Michigan Blog Live about Amy Dacyczyn. In the article she mentions the fact that Amy was using fabric scraps to make baby doll quilts for future grandchildren. 

Here is a closeup screenshot of the quilts:

All of this got me to thinking and that along with my recent return to sewing and some scrap quilting patches found at yard sales got me to thinking even more.  

One day last week we found a gallon size bag filled with quilting scraps for $2.00. We brought them home and washed them and filled a laundry basket once they were dried. 

One night I sat down to the sewing machine and pieced them together and made a doll quilt following the directions loosely from this webpage. 

Nothing fancy, but it was easy and I used part of one of the receiving blankets we've picked up at several yard sales recently for the back. 

I didn't have any embroidery thread to tie it with, so I just machine quilted it after piecing it together. I didn't buy anything new for this, but rather used what I had on hand. 

I had some material, which was not quilt batting, but rather fleece that fit the job for the inside and then I used part of a flannel receiving blanket for the back. 

The quilt was made from twenty 4 x 4 quilt squares, but I didn't feel this was the right size.  I'm going to tinker with this until I come up with a quilt that feels like the right size. 

Wouldn't one of these make a great Christmas gift for a little girl? 

Or you could make these and sell them. 

I looked on Etsy and there are a lot of people selling doll quilts. These could make for a another passive income source. 

I think they would sell for around $10, what do you think?

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  1. Yes!! I actually make American Girl quilt sets I I make pillows and stuff them to go with). In fact Im writing a craft book and this is one of the low sew items to make. Sell them!

  2. I used to make a lot of quilts. I tried to sell a few but no-one would pay the price. Ten dollars seems too low to me but maybe that's why mine never sold; I asked too much! I say, give it a go and good luck!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I think they will sell for $10. I don't want to price them so high that people won't buy them.

  3. That seems like an awfully low price...? Is that really what a handmade quilt, even a tiny one, would sell for?

    No doubt you can check Etsy and see. But they look like they're worth more than that.

    1. Thank you, Donna. I think it is low too, but I don't know that people will pay more. They go for anywhere from $10 on up to $50 on Etsy. I may try for a little bit higher just to see if I can sell any.

  4. Oh, the blankets are just too cute. I think 410 sounds about right. It would be a big seller around here, closer to the holidays. Maybe a little pillow to go with?

    Amy was my inspiration for getting on the frugal bandwagon years ago. I learned so much from her.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. A pillow sounds like a good idea to go with it.

      Amy was an inspiration to me all those years ago too. She knew her stuff that's for sure.

      I hope you have a great week too. :)


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